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Postal III (Windows)

Postal III Screenshots

Windows version

F yeah main menu
Crossing the bridge to Catharsis (antialiasing disabled)
Driving them MILFs outta Ron J's porn shop
Shoot me, baby
As offensive as this game may be, by God, there aren't showing any dongs
Smoking the hockey moms at Jen Walcott's autograph session
I want those games
Show no mercy
Nothing weird about it at all
Peek-a-boo (no antialiasing)
Snorting the catnip gets you high
Reloading the taser
A day as a Catharsis law enforcer
Busting a vandal
Ridding the town of Al-Qaeda. Only in America!
You can use severed body parts as weapons
Come on baby light my fire
Paparazzi got served with M16 rounds
One of the more memorable weapons - LOOK OUT BADGER SAW!
Hardcore gaming
Give me that costume, you ballsack
One of the better cover shots
You go, Champ!
I'm gonna break this over your head, evil Mexi-Sushi restauranteer!
How... interesting
Cannonball bra!...oh, did I mention I'm dressed as a giant ballsack?
We meet again, rhino
Protect Uwe Boll? You gotta be kidding me here
The Postal Guy just found something interesting
This does not look good for the postal guy