Postal²: Share the Pain Credits (Windows)

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PostalĀ²: Share the Pain Credits

Running With Scissors Team

Executive ProducerVince Desi
ProducerMichael J. Riedel
Game ConceptMichael J. Riedel
ProgrammingMichael J. Riedel
AI and FX ProgrammingNathan Fouts
Design LeadSteve Wik
DesignMichael J. Riedel, Nathan Fouts
Level DesignSteve Wik, Bryan Dillow
Texture LeadJosh Leichliter
TexturesSteve Wik, Bryan Dillow, Timothy Kuder
Character ModelsJosh Leichliter
Object ModelsMichael J. Riedel, Steve Wik, Bryan Dillow, Josh Leichliter, Timothy Kuder
Animation Lead and Game VideosGeoff Neale
CinematicsChris Kellerman, Michael J. Riedel, Bryan Dillow, Timothy Kuder
MarketingPhil Murphy, Mike Jaret-Schachter
TestingMike Jaret-Schachter
Weapons Consultant ArmorerPhil Murphy
WebmasterChris Kellerman
Dialog Script and Print ArtSteve Wik


Additional ProgrammingJonathan Isabelle
Additional ModelingDJ Cassel, Dawn Mostow, Ben Shore
AudioChristian A. Salyer (SndElement), Eric Klein (SndElement)
Manual WritersEmily Brower, Jessica Riedel
Print and Marketing ArtChris Bauman, Bryan Bozzi
TestingMarc Rousere, Vince Desi, Brady Johnson, Jesse Brett, Chris Peters

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1831)