Power Boat GT Credits

Arcade Moon

ProducerPéter Nagy
Hammerware GraphicsJaromír Punčochář
Code (technology)Vladimir Semotán
Code (logic)Martin Procházka
OperationsMartin Procházka
International Hobo DesignNeil Bundy, Chris Bateman
ScriptNeil Bundy, Chris Bateman
GraphicsPetr Bílek, Petr Filipovi, Pavel Houska, Tomáš Procházka, Filip Uhlí, Jan Zamazal
SoundJuraj Košec (Altar Games)
MusicPump Audio, Vladimir Hudec, Michal Paxa

Published by GS-Line (a division of JoWood Productions Software AG)

ProducerJay Podilchuk
Associate ProducerStephen Venables
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.
Testing CoordinatorVasso T. Kontoulis
Product Managers EuropeRichard Haderer, Stefan Berger, Markus Reutner
MarketingJohannes Natterer, Verena Vlajo, Tamara Berger
PRJohannes Natterer, Verena Vlajo, Tamara Berger
GraphicsSabine Schmid
ManufacturingSilke Schoiswohl
Community ManagementJohann Ertl
LocalizationGennaro Giani

Quantic Lab SRL (Quality Assurance)

Quality AssuranceQuantic Lab SRL [www.quanticlab.com]
Project ManagerȘtefan Șeicărescu
TestersBarta Csaba, Sevastian Secasiu

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159906)