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Praetorians (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall MobyScore (14 votes) 3.9

The Press Says

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Wer sich für antike Schlachten begeistern kann, sollte sich unbedingt das Strategiespektakel "Praetorians" genauer ansehen. Denn hier geht die Post so richtig ab. Ein sehr gutes Truppenmanagement und ausgeklügelte strategische Optionen machen Praetorians zu einem Echtzeitstrategietitel der Superlative - und zwar ohne einem lästigen Ressourcenmanagement oder sonstigen zeitfressenden Angelegenheiten. Und würde der gute alte Augustus noch leben, würde er genauso wie ich an "Praetorians" seinen Spaß haben.
Armchair Empire, The
Praetorians is a breath of fresh air in PC real time strategy. Stepping away from the tedium of resource management, with a focus on combat will be a draw for many. The sheer focus on tactics and all of the available options within this makes this an extremely challenging game, but persevering and learning these intricacies will reveal a true gem.
Ähnlich spannende Taktik-Schlachten kann derzeit nur Medieval bieten, bei dem die Eroberungen aber grafisch lange nicht so imposant in Szene gesetzt wurden. Praetorians vereint astreine Technik mit anspruchsvollen Gameplay, ein echter Geheimtipp. Leider nur für Profis, denn Anfänger werden von Barbaren zum Frühstück verspeist.
PC Action
Statt langwierigem Aufbau taktische Gefechte mit enormem Tiefgang: Bereits vor fünf Jahren konnte mich Dark Omen mit diesem Spielprinzip begeistern. Praetorians bietet neben der zeitgemäßen Optik eine viel bessere Steuerung, hält aber an einer ähnlichen Spielweise fest. Wie schon in Commandos stört mich der hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht, vielmehr spornt er zu noch größeren Leistungen an. Schade nur, dass ich meine Legionen im Lauf der Kampagne nicht zu einer Kriegerelite trainieren darf. Das hätte den Spielspaß enorm gesteigert.
PC Games (Germany)
Auf den ersten Blick trennt Praetorians Welten von der Reihe, mit der die Macher der Madrider Pyro Studios berühmt geworden sind - Commandos. Auf den zweiten Blick jedoch hat der Römerfeldzug viel mit dem vertrackten Puzzlespiel des großen Bruders gemein. Nämlich die ständig wiederkehrende Frage, an welcher Stelle Ihre Männer am besten zuschlagen, um in der Kette der Verteidiger das entscheidende Glied zu zertrümmern. Nur, dass Ihre Männer Sandalen statt Armeestiefel tragen ...
GameStar (Germany)
Schade, dass Praetorians viele Spieler durch seinen hohen Frustfaktor (trotz der drei Schwierigkeitsgrade) abschrecken wird. Denn ansonsten macht Pyros Echtzeit-Taktik eigentlich alles richtig: Faszinierendes Szenario, nette 3D-Grafik, komfortable Bedienung und clever designte Missionen ergeben ein Festmahl für Strategie-Feinschmecker. Rom- und Asterix-Fans kommen um Praetorians eh nicht herum. Alle anderen sollten erst mal die Demo probespielen bevor sie sich zum Dienst in der römischen Legion melden.
Some critics would say that real-time strategy games are formulaic; in most of these games, you gather resources, build up a base, create an army of military units as quickly as possible, and pummel your opponents before they can do the same to you. Over the years, developers have taken steps to simplify base building and resource gathering so you can spend more time fighting exciting battles. While it hasn't quite eliminated all aspects of building up an army, Praetorians does manage to put the focus of its gameplay squarely on battlefield tactics. The game is set in the glory years of the Roman Empire during Julius Caesar's time at the helm of the Roman army in Gaul. Developed by Pyro Studios, known for the Commandos tactical strategy series, Praetorians features plenty of strategic depth in its gameplay and is a great choice for real-time strategy fans who are looking for an unusual alternative to conventional strategy games.
games xtreme
All in all, this is a worthy contender to the RTS genre that will also impart a little history to anyone who plays it. If you love the Roman period of time and the thought of mass battles (which they are) excites you to screaming ‘Hail Caesar’ at the top of your lungs, I urge you to go out and grab a copy of this game and stage your own small Russel Crowe scene.
PGNx Media
This game is perfect for that closet-general. If you enjoy giving orders and watching them play out but still want to take part of the action, this is for you. The time required to build a sufficient army may disappoint some gamers. The game is also pretty hard despite that there are three difficulties - easy, normal and hard - although it should be hard, harder and omg-wtf hard. The graphics and music is great, as well. If you can deal with the difficulty, this is a great buy.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
The emphasis on good deployment of combined, balanced forces certainly captures the feel of ancient warfare, and while its level of realism is open to debate, it gives enough of a realistic illusion to remain convincing. This, combined with strategic depth and accessible controls, makes Praetorians an effective, addictive real-time war game.
A mi-chemin entre le RTS et le wargame, Praetorians comblera les déçus du côté un peu trop "bourrin" des autres RTS mais qui n'ont pas non plus envie de se prendre la tête pendant des heures sur la carte d'un wargame pur et dur. Que vous soyez adepte de l'un ou l'autre de ces genres nous ne saurions trop vous conseiller de tester la démo d'ores et déjà disponible... Avant de vous ruer chez votre revendeur.
80 (UK)
Sadly, that might be the downfall of the game. More hardcore strategy gamers might simply find that this whets their appetite for the forthcoming Roman treatment of the Total War series, while those weaned on StarCraft and Command & Conquer may find the whole affair a bit too plodding and cerebral. For anyone who really wanted to like Total War but found the whole affair a bit too complex and involved, however, this is the perfect game - and for anyone who's ever really wanted to command the armies of the North and unleash hell, there's no better way to live that out than in Praetorians.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Tactiek zonder franjes en de nadruk op het militaire zijn de opmerkelijkste kenmerken van deze opmerkelijk verdienstelijke strategietitel. 'Rare jongens die Romeinen'? Yeah Rightus!
80 Games
Ich lasse mich aber vom Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht einschüchtern und das solltet ihr auch nicht. Ihr würdet geniale Videosequenzen versäumen und das Römische Reich hat noch einiges an aufregenden Schlachten zu schlagen. Lasst Asterix und Obelix nicht gewinnen! Kauft Praetorians, macht das kleine, gallische Dorf dem Erdboden gleich und stellt diese Verräter an den Pranger!
Pyro Studios ne décevra pas les amateurs de stratégie temps réel avec Praetorians. Le soft offre un contexte historique aussi intéressant que réaliste, et la richesse du gameplay offre des possibilités stratégiques nouvelles qui ne manqueront pas de pimenter les parties en réseau. Et puis un péplum interactif de cette qualité, ça ne se refuse pas.
After considering all the pros and cons of Praetorians, I'm almost certain that fans of strategy combat shouldn't dare to miss it. Not unless they don't like intelligent and intense strategy gameplay, which is really a contradiction in terms. Many will complain about the game's lack of a more tangible reward factor, plot or distinguishable characters, but I guess there is always the multiplayer mode to increase its replay value once you've dealt with the "savages" in the single-player campaign. Praetorians is definitely not a great all-around project, as it's missing some elements that could've ranked it right up there amongst the best games in the genre, but it's still a very fun, challenging and intelligent strategy game. It's your move now.
PC Zone Benelux
Als je een hekel hebt aan het managen van je economie, kun je je wellicht wel vinden in Praetorians. De game heeft verder een uitgebreide singleplayer campagne, inclusief een duidelijke tutorial. Ook op het gebied van multiplayer biedt Praetorians voldoende vermaak. Een revolutie is het niet, maar slecht is anders.
Strategy Informer
In summary, I would say this game is a must for those of you whole love fast action and strategy. This game is very friendly on weak computers and will offer you hours and hours of fun if you let it. With multiplayer maps stretching from desert oases to tree filled hilly lands for those dreaded surprise attacks. For those of you who love a real challenge, have fun trying to beat the campaign!
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Gelukkig zijn er de gevarieerde campagnes die het spel nog overeind houden, want de multiplayer en de skirmish opties zijn maar weinig boeiend. Pyro Studios heeft met Commandos en Commandos 2 spellen afgeleverd op absoluut wereldniveau, zowel qua graphics ls qua gameplay. Ik vind het dan ook onbegrijpelijk dat Praetorians zo'n middelmatige RTS is geworden.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
With high standards of presentation, good graphics and a neat interface, Praetorians‘ faults might be debatable matters of taste rather than poor design or code. Suffice to say, Pyro’s release won’t bore you with the intricacies of economic development or base management. The tactical wargame that remains, however, is simplistic and underdeveloped. Whatever tricks are possible usually decay into a kind of muddled entropy once battle actually erupts, leaving the player to wonder why he or she spent so long scouting, exploring and ambushing small groups of enemies before hammering at the main force. The single-player campaign highlights these issues with its ordered and lengthy missions. Skirmish battles are much more enjoyable, their deathmatch-style lack of structure more apt for the guerrilla-style warfare that Praetorians encourages. If you’re up for a history lesson or two and possess a deep reservoir of patience, Praetorians is worth a shot.
Joystick (French)
Bien fini, bien étudié, bien programmé, joli comme tout, Praetorians n'a en fait qu'un seul défaut, celui d'être moins riche, moins ambitieux que ses prestigieux rivaux. On aurait aimé un peu plus de profondeur tactique, des unités un peu plus différentes, un peu plus originales. Cela dit, Pyro Studios a quand fait du très beau boulot, et Praetorians est un RTS de qualité qui a définitivement sa place dans la ludothèque des fans du genre.
I enjoyed playing it for a while, but I never found myself thinking about it away from the monitor, unless I was bitching about its control problems and lack of that spark that is necessary to turn a game from just being something to occupy yourself with into something that occupies you. So again, nice try Pyro, but next time be more considerate of the way that you can engage the player into the feature rich engine that you have designed.
70 PC Gaming
Yeah, we might be a bit late reviewing a game that was released in 2003. However, there are certain advantages to playing older games: everyone’s computer can run them, they’re very cheap, and sometimes they’re even a lot of fun. Praetorians, a real-time strategy game by Pyro Studios (best known for their Commandos games) has an ancient Rome theme, runs at 60 frames per second at all times, cost this reviewer less than €7 ($9), and has proven itself a nifty little game. So…put on your Roman armor, grab your spear, and move to the next bridge in a straight formation – we have some Gaul to slaughter.
All this, of course, should be taken in the spirit of constructive criticism. Praetorians is a good RTS game, far better and more innovative than most. A strategy game fan certainly wouldn't waste his or her money by purchasing this title. It's just disappointing that Praetorians is good enough to let players see where -- with a little more time, a little more tweaking and a few additions -- it could have been great.
C’est entre deux épisodes de leur excellente série Commandos (2001 pour Commandos 2 et fin 2003 pour Commandos 3) que les développeurs espagnols de chez Pyro Studios se sont essayés à la stratégie en temps réel avec Praetorians, en distillant au passage une touche tactique prononcée. La tactique, ils connaissent bien, le RTS, peut-être un peu moins. Qu’en est-il de cette nouvelle expérience, et comment se positionne Praetorians face aux références du genre que sont Age of Mythology ou Warcraft 3 ? Voici quelques éléments de réponse.