Pranksters 3D Credits (Windows)

Pranksters 3D Windows Target and Shoot


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Pranksters 3D Credits


Producer, Game Ideas, MarketingGabor Gyarmati
Design, Level Design, TestingAndrea Lantos
Lead Graphics, AnimationsNándor Orbán
TestingCsaba Gyarmati, István Pusztai, Raymund Balla, István Ulbing
GraphicsLevente Sédtői
Concept GraphicsKároly Rózsa
Lead ProgrammingPéter Balogh
ProgrammingZsolt Fábián, Zoltán Nyakacska
Sound EffectsZoltán Matók
CooperationKároly Tábori

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gabor Gyarmati (251)