The Precursors Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The game opens with this view of the jungle
Just admiring the view during the game's prologue
Our protagonist can be quite blunt
The main settlement of the starting world, the planet Goldin
You can take different approaches to missions
There's a market
Worshipping a floating cube in the middle of the desert
A little farm on the edge of the world
A high-tech tribal village
The buggy: a very convenient tool to traverse the big desert
The inventory. It's possible to pick up some quite bizarre objects
Your ship's AI
Ancient Greek ruins?
Some nice art at the space bar
Space missions
Map of a planet's explorable portion
RPG perks - very similar to Xenus II
The star map. Choose a star system, then choose a planet
Navigating the spaceship. In front is a hostile space station and a planet
It says "army food". Err... thank you sir, I'm not hungry
Someone has put a cute interstellar animal in a cage
Oh wow, look at this. This birdie looks like he means business!
Visiting an exotic planet - let's ready an exotic weapon! A weapon that is... err... looking at me
It's always interesting to learn about different civilizations. For a moment I thought I'd just blow the whole place up with this EMP grenade
Ahh, swimming in the river, an automatic weapon in my hands, enjoying the freedom...
Beautiful sunset, blaster, and the corpse of a dog beast at my feet - what else do you need in life?
I decided to take a break from the story and visit the post-apocalyptic planet of Yarent...
Hmm, your rendition of "Pagliacci" is fine, but pay attention to the upper E flat - could be more tender, dolcissimo, you know...
Sniper rifle. My best friend in my lonely life. Hmm... this energy shield is a bummer, though
Full-scale attack on an enemy base with a super-cool futuristic weapon
Animal cruelty? No, sir. This fine specimen is actually a CAMERA... I'm not kidding. Pretty cool idea, right?
'S up. Biological duel on the planet Gli - my crazy live weapon against the interesting local fauna
The game has a vast amount of cool weapons. Check out this one, aimed at a tribal tent...
Twilight. It's my crossbow versus these revolutionary birdies - while proudly displaying my arsenal
A beautiful encounter in the forest. Check out the poison effects - green on the screen
Planet description
A busy droid is working with a computer
Entertainment in the bar of one of the space stations
There is also a trading element in the game. Look how many different wares you can buy and then sell in another system for profit
Cutscene - finally catching a glimpse of our hero
Yes, I like piloting futuristic tanks...
...but even more so, I like shooting rockets while navigating a giant mech, looking at the impressive moon and a flying creature ahead!..
Landscape on the planet Reandore. Interesting giant skeletons... Using my "quadricycle" to shoot some missiles
Aerial combat! Trying to avoid pesky homing missiles shot at my brand new flyer
I'm glad to make such a close acquaintance with you, my friend. Been to gym lately, eh? Also... nice tattoo!..
The game is full of chaotic shoot-outs. Here you can see hostile Free Traders, giant spiders, what not... Everything gets destroyed dynamically, it's not scripted
Soothing view on the planet Morento - apart from the fearsome spiders, of course
It's my grenade launcher versus an enemy robot
Protecting a base with an awesome vehicle - eliminating enemy flying pods