Business Model Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required Pentium III
Minimum OS Class Required Windows 98SE
Minimum RAM Required 256 MB
Media Type CD-ROM, Download, DVD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required 16X
Minimum DVD-ROM Drive Speed Required 2X
Minimum DirectX Version Required DirectX 9.0
Video Modes Supported Full screen, SVGA/XGA (1024*768), SVGA/XGA (800*600), SXGA- (1280*960)
Minimum Video Memory Required 64 MB
Sound Capabilities DirectSound3D, Attribute Image Dolby Digital, EAX Advanced HD
Input Devices Supported Keyboard, Mouse, Other Input Devices
Number of Players: Offline 1 Player
Miscellaneous Attributes 3D Accelerator Required
Notes Processor - 800Mhz Pentium III or AMD Athlon.

Graphics card - GeForce 3 or higher (GeForce 4 MX cards are NOT supported) or ATI Radeon 8500 or higher.

Sound Card - must be DirectX 9 compatible.

Hard Drive Space - 1.5Gb minimum.

Other details -
Not recommended for use with CD-RWs.
The game ONLY supports the Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 3 gamepad.
Also runs in Windows 2000/ME and XP.

Technical information contributed by Corn Popper (69553), Sciere (506100), Xoleras (66885), formercontrib (159706), Garcia (4890) and Zack Green (1186)