Prince of Persia Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
The "new" Prince
Both the first boss and the root of all evil in one frame
That's got to hurt...
Prince of Persia = Sand included
Ahriman's prison
The fight that screwed everything up.
The progress map - currently with no finished sectors.
A scene you'll see very often: The Prince is falling to his death and Elika saves him.
Hello Quick Time Event - nice to see you yet again.
The Prince is badly hurt and the camera makes a cool overview move.
Elika cleanses the first fertilizing ground.
From gray to green in one smooth wave.
Sometimes Elika doesn't want to walk for herself and at the bottom waits the next Seed of Light.
From green pastures to a frozen blue hell hole.
Successfully unleashed a combo onto the enemy.
Welcome to the world in-between worlds.
Talking to Elika often makes for some funny dialogue.
Waiting for the jump.
The hunter, as this boss is called, blinds the player.
Beat the game once and you get to dress Elika as Beyond Good & Evil's Jade.
Father is trying to reanimate Elika in one of flashbacks.
Fighting the Warrior Boss.
The Warrior Boss has been trapped.
Warrior Boss on fire... avoid him!
City overview
Fighting the Hunter Boss.
Hanging time...
Fighting sequence with Alchemist Boss
Relaxing after another fight
After long jump...
Flying on Elika.
Concubine Boss
Elika is trying to help the Concubine Boss to rest in peace.
Elika's father is conquered by Ahriman.
Ahriman is trying to defend himself.
Sands of Time skins for Elika and Prince (after entering Pre-order code)
Altaïr (Assassin's Creed) skin for Prince (after entering Unlock code) and Jade (Beyond Good & Evil) skin (after finishing game) for Elika.
Prototype skins for Prince and Elika (after finding 1001 light seeds)