Prisoner of Ice Credits


An Infogrames Multimedia Production presented byBruno Bonnell
Prisoners of ComputersEdouard Viollet, Denis Dufour, Pascal Perenon, Bruno Pivano, Fabien Roset
Prisoners of Graphics and AnimationsPatrick Charpenet, Dominique Peyronnet, Josiane Girard, Franck Drevon, Daniel Balage, Jöel Mouclier, Christophe Anton, Mathieu Chaboud, Christine Allemand, Fabrice Giraud, Xavier Fournier, Xavier Bottet, Fabrice Têté
AndGribouille, Etranges Libellules, ActiSystem, Ozo, Miroir
Prisoners of ScriptHubert Chardot, Christian Nabais, Michel Monteil, Philippe Chanoinat, Frederic Cornet
Prisoners of MotionsFrederic Jouannet, Patrick Dread, Ina S.
Prisoners of Music & SoundsVincent Bruley, Herve Cohen, Laurent P. Paret, Thierry Carron
Prisoners of VoicesVox Populi, Ramses, Les Producteurs, Plaza Synchron, Multi‑Media Audio Center
Prisoners of ProductionEmmanuelle Périgault-Vigier, Stéphane Bonazza
Prisoners of EditionEmmanuelle Tahmazian, Patrick Chouzenoux, Jacqueline Penot, Olivier Lachard, Christophe Orsat
Prisoners of TestsOlivier Robin, Sylvain Branchu, C.G.S.
Special Thanks ToNorbert Cellier, Eric Mottet, William Hennebois, Vincent Terraillon, Arnaud Debayeux, Chaosium, Yannick Turbé, H. P. Lovecraft, Jean-Nicolas Gerbaux, Bruce Ryan, Scott Givens, Human Machine Interface

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Yannick Turbé, 16 other games
Josiane Girard, 16 other games
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Denis Dufour, 14 other games
Daniel Balage, 12 other games
Bruno Pivano, 12 other games
Fabrice Têté, 11 other games
Xavier Bottet, 11 other games
Fabrice Giraud, 11 other games
Dominique Peyronnet, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by chirinea (43568) and formercontrib (159540)