Private Eye Credits

Game Designer and WriterBarbara Lanza
ProducerJeremy Ross
Associate ProducerBrian Flumen
Programming byCallisto Corporation

3D Backgrounds and Animation

Producer Designer and AnimatorMarja Davis
Supervising Art ProducerChris McGwinn
Executive Art ProducerFloyd Christofferson
Reference PhotographerMichael Mees

Character Animations (Hypnotix, Inc.)

Lead Artist Michael Cayado
ArtistsJohn Amos, Robert Santiago, Jason M. Shenkman, Christopher Davies
ProducerMichael Taramykin

Additional 2D Artwork

Art DirectorLaura Rodil
Character DesignerMichael Lark
Artists Shigeru McPherson, Thea Kearney
Sound DesignerChris Burke
Additional SoundDavid Bartel
Music Producer Arthur Payson
Music Composer and ArrangerDavid Garfield
MusiciansJohn Porcaro (drums), Dave Carpenter (bass), David Garfield (piano), Larry Bunker (vibes), Walt Fowler (trumpet), Larry Klimas (tenor sax)


Philip MarloweStephen D'Ambrose
George Hicks, Dr. LagardieMichael Boyle
Sheridan Ballow, DA Endicott, Lt. MaglashanCharles Brin
Charles Steelgrave, Lester ClausenJeff Gadbois
the foreman, Lloyd Farrell, Dominic Ben James
Johnny Clamato, Afred ScumDean Johnson
Mavis Weld, cigarette girlBarbara Kingsley
Det. Beifus, Joseph ToadJohn Patrick Martin
Det. FrenchRon Rogosheske
photo shop clerkGregory Stevens
Orfamay QuestElizabeth Teefy
Dolores GonzalesSally Wingert
Director of Recording SessionsDick Stevens
EngineersBruce Kennedy, Scott Bartel, Gregory Stevens
Additional VoicesChris Burke, Brian Flumen, Jonathan Mayo
Courtesy ofDigital Excellence Inc.
Lead TestersAlan Wong, Mark Gibbons, Jennifer Allen
TestersLawrence Smith, Todd Meister, Josh Broughton, Gina Caroddo, Aaron Stewart, Douglas Nelson, Eric Fraad, Paul Abraham

Special Thanks

John Antinori, Walter Freitag, Alex Gadd, Marcos Mendell, Dean Motter, Rob Womack, Don Wozniak, Howard Zimmerman, Human Machine  Interfaces Inc., RAD Softwares

Byron Preiss Multimedia Company,

Chief Executive OfficerByron Preiss
Chief Financial OfficerJames R. Dellomo
Technical DirectorJohn Mayo-Smith
Creative DirectorBill Wentworth
Marketing DirectorJackie Snyder
Director, Brooklyn MultimediaJeremy Ross

Simon & Schuster Interactive

PresidentPeter Yunich
Vice President & Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Creative DirectorElisa Zachary
Senior ProducerMark Safire
Associate ProducerNicki Badalamenti

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8709)