Pro Pinball: Big Race USA Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs
    Race your way across the USA in the fastest, most exciting, most intricate Pinball sim ever released for the PC and Playstation. With 14 different US cities as play areas, incredible ball "spin & slide" dynamics, and real-time internet head-to-head play for the first time ever, Pro Pinball Big Race USA delivers more adrenaline-pumping action than your brain can handle: challenge it if you dare !
    • The fantastically detailed high-resolution graphics that have become the trademark of Pro Pinball
    • Up to TEN balls in play simultaneously (six on PSX)
    • The deepest set of rules ever, covering 14 US cities, to ensure longevity
    • 4 Flippers, allowing more shots than ever before
    • Unique Head to Head mode, allowing two players to play simultaneously via LAN, Internet or PSX battle-cables
    • Dolby surround music and effects
    • Crazy opponents, including a Monster Truck, a Hot Rod, a Sports Car, a Mini-Beetle, and the ever-present Police Car
    • Multi-lingual dot matrix display
    • Better-than-ever physics models for balls and flippers, including a pinball-sim first: balls that really slide and spin, just like the real thing.
    • High-speed motion blur simulates the faster-than-the-human-eye effect
    • "Tour the Table" option, showing game shots and rules in close-up
    • Full "operator's menu" allowing full control of gameplay, including: 5 difficulty settings, number of balls per game, number of tilt warnings, default high score level, full test menu options, dozens of game stats
    • Full control over the physical parameters of the game, including: table slope, table age, flipper strength, outlane size, slingshot power, tilt sensitivity
    • Eight different viewing angles

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Jun 28, 2009.

Advertisement in PC Games, December 1998 (German):



    Schnallen Sie sich an, denn beim wildesten Flipperspiel Ihres Lebens werden Sie ganz schön durchgeschüttelt!

    Das erste Flipperspiel mit Zweikampf-Modus in Echtzeit für adrenalingeladene Zwei-Spieler-Action (über LAN und Internet).

    Eine spannende Straßenfahrt quer durch Amerika mit 16 Großstädten als Spielumgebungen.

    Innovative Gegner: Monster-Truck, Hot Rod, Sportwagen, Mini-Käfer und die allgegenwärtige Polizeistreife.

    Unglaublich detailgetreue, hochauflösende Grafiken.

    Wahnsinns-Feature für bis zu ZEHN Kugeln gleichzeitig.

    Kugeln mit authentischem Gleit- und Drehverhalten.

    Benutzerdefinierte Tischneigung, Schwierigkeitsgrad und Flipper-POWER

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on Feb 17, 2005.