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Gamezone (Germany) (Oct 23, 2006)
Auch wenn es primär immer noch um das Golf spielen geht, so wurde hier deutlich mehr Wert auf Realität und auch Kreativität gelegt. Das erste bezieht sich auf die Steuerung, die eigentlich fast alle auch im richtigen Golfleben zu beachtenden Bereiche mit einbezieht und sie auch an euch Spieler in punkto Einstellungen weitergibt. Dadurch wird zwar einerseits die Bedienung sehr umfangreich und ihr werdet einige Zeit der Einarbeitung benötigen, andererseits übermittelt bisher wohl kaum ein anderes Golfspiel solch ein Spielgefühl. Der Punkt Kreativität bezieht sich auf den enorm umfangreichen Golfplatz-Designer. Hier werden fast schon professionelle Bedingungen geboten, um seinen eigenen Kurs zu erstellen. Wem diese Punkte wichtig sind, der ist bei "Pro Stroke Golf" sehr gut aufgehoben, wer allerdings sein Augenmerk auf Bereiche wie leichte Zugänglichkeit, Lizenz und Modiumfang gelegt hat, der sollte sich lieber eine andere Golfumsetzung besorgen.
PC Powerplay (Sep, 2006)
Golf World Tour 2007 sowie Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 haben Vor- und Nachteile. Dass ich in Golf World Tour meinen Schlag sehr genau steuern kann – spitze! Auch wenn mich die Steuerung zu Beginn sehr abgeschreckt hat. Denn um spezielle Schläge auszuführen, muss ich immer zum richtigen Zeitpunkt reagieren. Eine Zehntelsekunde zu spät, und schon wird aus dem Traumschlag eine Landung im Wasser. Das ist allerdings die Herauforderung an mich, meine Schläge zu perfektionieren.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 13, 2006)
Les joueurs occasionnels ne verront sans doute pas l'intérêt de lâcher la série Tiger Woods PGA Tour au profit de ProStroke Golf, il n' n'en ira pas forcément de même des passionnés qui trouveront ici une véritable simulation et un gameplay plus complet et profond. Il est pourtant difficile de pardonner la mauvaise finition du jeu, en particulier quand elle vient parasiter le gameplay, si vous avez le choix, on vous recommande de toutes façon d'opter pour cette version PC. Gageons qu'une éventuelle suite pourrait amener le titre à maturité.
GameZone (Nov 03, 2006)
I think the game will appeal most to people that want something new, but don't feel the need to get Tiger's release year after year. I seldom get a game every year it comes out. I like to shake it up, which makes going back to the usual game even more special. So far, although it has many shortcomings, I think this is a worthy break from EA Sports for 2007. In fact, I will bet that some of the detailed swing features make themselves into EA in 2008. There isn't much else to copy, but that swing setup is unique and challenging.
Worth Playing (Apr 14, 2007)
When you consider the amount of competition ProStroke Golf World Tour 2007 is up against and the considerable amount of development that has gone into some of the older golfing game titles, it fares pretty well. The swing system is just about as complex and variable as possible, without becoming overwhelming or cumbersome to use. I would have liked to see an equally strong putting system in place, but this part seems to have been oversimplified. Some basic graphics cleanup and styling improvements could help this title enormously. If you are an avid golfing gamer who enjoys playing some of lesser-known world courses, you might want to consider ProStroke Golf World Tour 2007 as a supplement to your library of golf titles.
Gameswelt (Sep 28, 2006)
'ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007' richtet sich dank seiner realitätsnahen Umsetzung vor allem an Simulationsprofis, die auf den 18 schön gestalteten Kursen sicher ihre Freude mit dem Spiel haben werden. Alle anderen werden wegen des ansonsten sehr geringen Umfangs und der zahlreichen technischen Probleme wenig Freude haben.
4Players.de (Oct 22, 2006)
Kurz gesagt: EA Sports locht auf gewohnt hohem Niveau ein und hält sich mühelos an der Spitze des virtuellen Golfens. Davon ist ProStroke leider noch fünf über Par entfernt, denn die Entwickler machen es mir schwer, mich mit ihrem Erstlingswerk anzufreunden. Die Kommentare können dem routinierten EA-Duo nicht das Wasser reichen, der aus zwei Stücken bestehende Soundtrack wird schnell langweilig, die akustische Umgebung wirkt leergefegt, die Kurse unterscheiden sich kaum voneinander und müssen noch dazu ohne Zuschauer auskommen. Im Grunde hat ProStroke alles, was einen Verriss rechtfertigt - doch die realistische Steuerung ist im Gegensatz dazu ein El Dorado für Kenner des Sports! Das gleichzeitige Steuern von Schwung sowie Körpergewicht hat es so noch nie gegeben und es fühlt sich einfach "richtig" an. Dass ausschließlich Gamepad-Besitzer in diesen Genuss kommen, ist allerdings nicht nur schade, sondern geradewegs unverschämt, da Maus-Profis und PSP-Besitzer somit hintenan stehen.
PC Zone (Nov 10, 2006)
It's not all fairways and short putts; the strength/accuracy meter feels shockingly inaccurate and sluggish. It's a part of every single shot you take, so more time spent making this aspect feel professional would have done wonders for the overall game. That said, you still have an enjoyable, serious game of golf here, with decent commentary and a course builder for cock-shaped links. If you have a knowledge and love of golf, this might give you a more substantial - if less fun - game than Tiger Woods.
Gamer 2.0 (Jan 21, 2007)
ProStroke Golf is a game that will appeal to a very select crowd. Those that are looking for a solid golf game that uses a unique skill-based control system will definitely appreciate what Oxygen Games has tried to do with this game. The course designer is a very nice touch, though it sometimes leads to crashes. All in all, ProStroke Golf could have a bright future, if they would address the technical issues and bring the presentation up to par. As it stands, the game is worth a shot, but it may not hold your interest for very long.
GameSpot (Nov 02, 2006)
ProStroke Golf's action on the course is just good enough to be entertaining for a short while, but it's impossible to look past its many problems for very long. Dated visuals, horrible commentary, pitiful create-a-character options, and dreadfully slow gameplay are just a few of the game's many shortcomings. Having 2007 in the title indicates that Gusto Games has at least considered a follow-up effort, but they've got a lot of work ahead of them before this series can be mentioned alongside Tiger Woods, Links, and Hot Shots.
The Next Level (Nov 27, 2006)
I consider ProStroke Gold World Tour 2007 a game with loads of potential, but not delivering on that this go-round. I'm interested to see the next iteration, for sure – if they can eliminate most of the issues I've raised, it becomes an immediate contender for the Grand Slam.
GamesRadar (2006)
ProStroke Golf could have been a contender. But its solid play mechanics aren't enough to overcome the near-complete lack of licensed courses and golfers, or the various other oversights and issues that plague it.
Make no mistakes about it; Pro Stroke Golf: World Tour 2007 is a bad effort by unknown developer Gusto Games. When you first put it in, you are immediately assaulted by offensively-bad graphics and a career mode that lacks substance. Top it off with a control scheme that’s too complicated to be anywhere near fun and you have the worst golf title of the year. Players would do well to wait for Tiger, he’s making his yearly appearance soon enough.
VGPub (Mar 12, 2007)
ProStroke Golf – World Tour 2007 is an obvious first attempt into the genre. Hopefully, the feedback can be taken well by the developer, as they could, some day, have a good golf game on our hands that doesn’t have the name Links or Tiger Woods. But that day isn’t today. That day may be far off. For now, I’d rather play Ping Pals. Or maybe not...
The bad far outweighs the good in ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007. The "innovative" controls publisher Oxygen Interactive has been bragging about these last couple of months aren't that innovative at all, and aren't really even necessary. The graphics look like they are from a game made 10 years ago, and the gameplay modes that are offered are very limited and nothing special. It's a good thing real golf wasn't this bad, or guys like Tiger and Phil would be working at McDonald's, and middle-aged men around the world would have nothing to look forward to after retirement. Unless you really, really, really, can't wait for Tiger Woods 07, don't waste your time with ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007. Now if you'll excuse me, Mario's just challenged me to a game of Club Slots at Blooper Bay.
Operation Sports (Oct 26, 2006)
I give ProStroke Golf – World Tour 2007 points for innovation. You know me; I’m a sucker for trying new things in sports gaming. But, the new controls do not come close to making up for what is essentially a poorly-made game. I think the franchise has a chance if they spend some time working on the rest of the game this year and just fine-tune the controls. But, I can’t in good conscience recommend this game for purchase unless you really want an alternative to EA's Tiger Woods series. The controls are certainly worth a try, but even at the low price point, it’s just not enough.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2006)
Die Steuerungsangaben im Handbuch sind falsch. Gamepads werden selten vom Spiel erkannt. Im Training (unter "Spielmodi") lernen Sie, auf welch bekloppte Art man den Ball nicht ins Loch bekommt. Und die Ladezeiten werden nur knapp von denen der Gothic 3-Testversion überboten. Finger weg von Pro Stroke Golf!
Gaming Nexus (Nov 20, 2006)
While the innovative ProStroke golf swing system goes the whole nine, it's got a ways to go before it makes it all the way to the 18th. Kudos for bringing the game of golf back to its mechanics and giving non-Golden Tee fans what they've been craving. Pour as much attention-to-detail into the rest of the game, and the ProStroke name will have a fighting chance against Tiger & Co.