Psychonauts Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Raz on the asylum's beach.
In game menu
...kill everybody. Squirrel talk.
Lara Laz
Peeping Tom :P If you like...
punch him to stuff his head into the cabin's hole
punch punch punch!
Title screen. Damn great idea! You actually run around on the brain to choose to either load a game or start a new one
Ford Cruller somehow manages to be everywhere at once.
Raz visits the Collective Unconscious.
The secret Psychonaut HQ beneath Camp Whispering Rock.
It's a party in Agent Vodello's brain and everyone's invited!
In Lungfishopolis Raz becomes Goggalor, King of the Monsters!
Paranoid Boyd's mindscape is a 1950's suburb filtered through MC Escher.
Don't be fooled by their clever disguises - these guys are NOT here to trim hedges.
Napoleon won't leave Fred's mind until you defeat him at a gigantic tabletop wargame.
The streets of Black Velvetopia, the mental world of Edgar the artist.
Edgar is obsessed with a beautiful seƱorita in the sky, and is building a house of cards to reach her.
Luchadores guard the queens of all four suits, which Edgar needs for his card stairway.
The tranquil Lake Oblongata