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Psychotoxic (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Neutral shade of grey Evilhead (1049) 2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.2
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 1.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.2
Overall MobyScore (4 votes) 2.4

The Press Says

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Das Spiel an sich ist wirklich sehr gut gelungen, nur gibt es da ein paar kleine Sachen die man noch verbessern hätte können, beispielsweise hätte dem Spiel auch ein Multiplayer-Modus gut getan. Für Gamer die Shooter mit einer Mischung zwischen Realität und Fantasie mögen ist Psychotoxic wohl genau das Richtige und da man das Spiel auch schon für knapp 35 Euro bekommt, ist es auch nicht all zu teuer.
Psychotoxic von NuclearVision und Vidis ist ein guter Shooter, der vor allem durch die geradlinige Action und die abgefahrenen Traumwelten besticht. Die Story selbst ist ebenfalls gut aufgebaut und hat ein paar interessante Wendungen im Gepäck. Die Gegnervielfalt und die schönen Level sind ebenso schön, wie auch die Animationen und die Waffen mitsamt den Geräuschen.
Trotz der kleinen Schwächen ist und bleibt Psychotoxic: Gateway to hell ein äußerst innovativer, kreativer Shooter, der mit all der ein- und umgesetzten Phantasie den Mut beweist, mal völlig andere, als die bisher im Shooterbereich etablierten Maßstäbe, zu plazieren. Auch diejenigen, die eher klassische Shooter bevorzugen, sollten sich dieses Game nicht entgehen lassen: Hauptsächlich wird feinster Ballerspaß serviert. All die, die offen für neue Entwicklungen und sehr phantasievolle, kreative Ideen und Umsetzungen sind, werden zusätzlich auch in diesem Bereich vollends auf ihre Kosten kommen.
Schade, aber ein zweites Far Cry ist Psychotoxic nicht geworden. Dazu fehlt es an allen Ecken an Feinschliff - und dafür wohl den Entwicklern an Geld. Auch die Engine zeigt ihre Altersschwäche und lässt den Erstling von Nuclear Vision gegen aktuelle Top-Spiele nicht bestehen. Und dennoch: Bei so vielen guten Ideen und so viel Herzblut der Entwickler konnte uns das Spiel im Test letztlich doch gefallen - der Grund liegt vor allem in den Traumleveln, die an dieser Stelle nicht genug gelobt werden können. Als schnelle Ballerkost mit spannender Geschichte hat der Titel also sicherlich seine Berechtigung - wäre das Spiel doch bloß vor einem Jahr erschienen...
PC Action
In der Haut von Angie Prophet möchte ich auch gern stecken - und wenn es nur zwanzig Zentimeter sind. Die Frau ist wirklich ein Engel. Das ist aber auch schon alles, was mich an Psychotoxic richtig begeistern konnte. Der Rest ist durchschnittliche Ballerkost. Wer einen simplen Ego-Shooter ohne knifflige Rätsel sucht, liegt mit Psychotoxic dennoch richtig. Hirn abgeben und los geht's!
New York 2020 - Angela Prophet, eine recht gut bestückte Angestellte des Devil's Inn, hockt auf ihrer Couch und lässt den vergangenen Tag Revue passieren. Müde vom Herumprügeln mit den Gästen und ihrem Boss träumt sie ein wenig beim Fernsehen vor sich hin und versucht die triste Umgebung ihres Daseins ein wenig zu vergessen. Doch dann...
Game Chronicles
I think we can classify Psychotoxic as a learning experience. You really have to have at least one original idea and a solid bug-free engine if you hope to compete in today’s market. While I did enjoy a few very minor aspects of the story and the presentation, when I actually had to play the game it just didn’t work out like I had hoped.
So why doesn't this boost PsychoToxic's score that much higher? Because there are bugs and instability, and interesting environments can't overcome bland gameplay, weak AI, and lack of polish. It might have been a good game if it had come out in the mid-90s against Rise of the Triad or CyberMage, but we've come to expect more, and even consoles are getting in on the FPS action. So when PsychoToxic doesn't have the guilty pleasures of NARC, the shininess of Painkiller, the fluid design of Halo, the gory indulgence of BloodRayne, or the babe factor of Tomb Raider, it actually ends up being less than the sum of its parts. This game might have fared better in a third-person perspective, so that there at least would have been something nice to distract oneself from the middling gameplay. Instead, this is one of those games I would have put down after less than ten minutes if I hadn't had to review it.
GameStar (Germany)
Trotz der interessanten Idee und Story verkommt Psychotoxic zur öden Dauerballerei mit strunzdummen Gegnern, die sinnlos und scheinbar zufällig auf den Karten verteilt stehen. Die Levels sind zwar detailliert und groß, aber anspruchslos und voller Logikfehler. Abwechslung gibts nur in den Träumen, und die vergehen wie im wahren Leben zu schnell. Gerade hier verschenkt das Spiel viel vonm seinem Potenzial. Übrig bleibt ein Standard-Shooter voller Macken und schwacher Technik.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Psychotoxic is op bepaalde punten origineel, maar dat origineel niet synoniem staat voor goed is in dit spel pijnlijk duidelijk.
The back of the box claims there are 90 "unique and different" enemies. If that's true, the developer is counting some very subtle variations on a spider, a cop, and a zombie, which comprise about 98 percent of the largely indistinguishable enemies you'll face. One thing's for sure: There aren't 90 voice samples for the monsters. Catchphrases are repeated (including the same one back-to-back-to-back without a break) to the point that they go beyond annoying and wrap around to become sort of funny. That is, until hour 15 sets in, and there are still 10 levels to go...and your save game just got corrupted. Then it reverts to being aggravating, just like the rest of Psychotoxic. Oh, and there's no multiplayer mode, just in case you thought there would be a surprise ending where that part turned out to be good.
I wish I could say something nice about this game. I really do. In fact, I do not like to be hyper critical of something that takes so much time to produce. I just wonder if the developer actually played this game. Perhaps the team was compiled of a group that went out and identified some games they liked and wanted to model them. I think of the excellent scary and/or strange games: Clive Barker’s The Undying, Resident Evil, Doom 3, American McGee’s Alice. I know that you can not just copy a game, but when people have played those titles and are then given Psychotoxic, only disappointment can follow. My advice is to avoid this one.
Strategy Informer
It's always nice to see a new developer entering the gaming world, and it's a shame their overambition doomed the game to failure. I would have much rather seen an entertaining and bug-free five hour game than a boring and nearly unplayable twenty hour one. The bugs and errors may be fixed by an upcoming patch, but that's not good enough. The game should've been released at least six months later.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
If an infinite number of monkeys given infinite time can reproduce the works of Shakespeare, then give me 10 monkeys and an hour and you’ll have Psychotoxic.
Painful voice acting. Horrendous level design. Poor physics. Bugs and crashes. I won't get into the story line, except to say that the instruction manual gives 90 percent of it away. In brief, for those who don't read instruction manuals: Angie Prophet, busty woman with guns and angelic powers, must save the world from the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. That's all you need to know. Never mind what the other three horsemen are up to. It took four years of game development to come up with this?
Aside from a few unusual dream levels, there's very little worth recommending in Psychotoxic. It's mostly tedious, sloppy, and stale, with bugs and crashes adding insult to injury. You could find a better shooter blindfolded.
Armchair Empire, The
As an avid lover of video games, I try to budget my time appropriately to gaming as I am certain many of you do too, especially if you are here at the Empire. With this time, I find it hard enough to get to all of the great games that are out there. With so many games and so little time, this leaves a game like Psychotoxic a game for no one. The only gamers to play this should be reviewers who must play the game and in the end do their duty in warning the gaming public away from spending their precious gaming time and budgeted dollars on a game that is ultimately not at all rewarding to play.
Game Critics
Psychotoxic has a good physics engine, and some excellent art design (mostly in the dream levels). With a decent story and a far better level designer, this could have been quite a game. Instead, it's little more than a cautionary example warning other developers what can happen if they don't drag their design concepts out of the 90s.
Psychotoxic really is what I consider wasted potential. If Nuclearvision had spent a year (or even a half-year) on the game, they could have had an excellent title. Unfortunately, Psychotoxic was probably just another rushed case of the "we want money" disease. The game had a good presentation, but when you get behind the controls of it, you'll realize this is one poorly put-together game. Take the horribly boring gameplay, the so-so looking graphics, disgustingly criminal audio, and over 30 hours of all of that. What do you get? One crazy acid trip from Nuclearvision Entertainment.