Puppy Sanctuary Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Enter your name.
Main menu
Opening intro
Level 1
Learning about bombs.
When you clear a level, all the little pieces scatter.
Level 1 summary
Info on the rescued puppy Bernard.
Bernard at the first sanctuary.
Bernard is doing hand(paw?)-stands and I am giving him snacks.
This is telling you about diagonal swaps and that some tiles need two matches to remove.
Your overload energy is full and other hints.
A new bonus item, the shuffle.
The bonus level. Get the gifts to the bottom to open the bonus.
The level summary. The bonus is doggie food and water bowls. But they are empty.
Buying decorations or toys for my puppies.
Playing with the puppy using the bubble wand.
I need to find food and water hidden here. There is also a hidden gem I can get to buy stuff with. The puppy idol, when full, can show me one item.
Now they have water and food.
Info on locked and double locked tiles.
Meet the fireball.
Bernard has gotten bummed out. Play with him to cheer him up.
Introducing baskets.
I'm trying to clear a basket.
Instructions on the alien levels.
I cleared the level.
A new bonus, the remove.
I've gotten firepits. Now I need to find firewood.
Searching for firewood, bones and water.
Another bonus item, the lucky.
I've gotten a number of things for the puppies, including a rocket pad that goes up, up, up...
...and they parachute down, down, down.
Rusty, Beryl and Samantha have cheered themselves up.
The trophies area. If you get any trophies, they will show up here.
A level with double locks.
Time ran out in the timed game. The alien collected the puppy.