Putt-Putt Enters the Race Credits


Interactive DesignMark Peyser, Richard Moe
Art LeadMark Peyser
Programming LeadRichard Moe
Associate ProducerDenise Heimel
Project CoordinatorAimee Paganini
Dialog Written byLaurie Rose Bauman
ProgrammingDave Timoney, Brian Pulliam, Day Evans, Ross McIntire, Nicholas Sutton, Paige C. Watson
Sound Effects ProgrammingGeoff Kirk
Lead AnimatorEdward Pun
AnimationJames Bradrick, Kathy Anderson, Sandy Spangler, Tom Witte, Giancarlo Volpe, Erik Haldi, John Michaud, Jordan Rennick, Michael Baran
Character DesignKathy Anderson, James Bradrick, Jay Sopp, Edward Pun
Storyboard ArtistsKathy Anderson, James Bradrick, Jay Sopp
Lead Computer Art and AnimationMichael Paganini
Computer Art and AnimationAndrew Brinkworth, Mark Lautenbach, Leah Verre, Becky Hard, Michael Jacob, Greg Griffith, Cory Baker, Craig Hardin
Background LayoutsEdward Pun
Background PaintingDerek McCaughan, Dave Danioth
Lead Ink and PaintSteven Nasker
Digital Ink and PaintNathan Hall, Debbie J. Ferguson, James McMillan, Dela Longfish, Armando Alvarez, Chris Proudfoot, Mark Banate, Valerie Kissling, Cat Richards, Dave Brown, Becky Hard
Music Composed byThomas McGurk
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammingStephen W. Johnson, Steven Magladry
QA LeadElizabeth McClean
QA Jr LeadSandra Rumsey
QA TestersSharon Evans, Dina Shepard, Theresa Robinson, Zenon Thornton, Todd Clausen, Daryl Seager, Kevin Collar, Wade Racine, Kyle Casperson, Randy Ochs, Eric Fjellanger
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsChad Queen, Oanh Pham, Marcus Howell, Tanya Erwin, Rachel Frost, Eric T. H. Olson
Online Help writerIngrid Sutherland
Featuring the voice ofNancy Cartwright (as Putt-Putt)
Additional Voice TalentJim Bach, Ken Boynton, Scott Burns, George Catalano, Laura Kenny, Lyn McManus, David Silverman, Robert Zenk
Voice Talent DirectorLaurie Rose Bauman
Recording EngineersGary Littel, Dan Cubert, Tom Mgrdichian
Recorded atBad Animals, Salami Studios
Putt‑Putt Created byShelley M. Day

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave Timoney (976)