Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Putt-Putt's title screen
Poor Pep is really sad because he's never had a party.
Heading into town to buy puppy food.
Secretly measuring Pep for a birthday present.
Pep helps out, herding ducklings out of harm's way.
Where did all these rabbits come from?
Putt-Putt needs to help get the key away from this bird...
...whose eyes gleam at the sight of something shiny.
His giant string ball made the Goodness book of records - can Putt-Put help him do the same with a rubberband ball?
Collecting eggs for a cake.
Using hay piles to shift cows so Putt-Putt can reach the milk machines.
The last rubberband from Putt-Putt did the trick!
Pep finds a book to read.
What would a surprise party be without balloons?
This bag shows the items Putt-Putt needs to collect.
Just your everyday downtown shopping district...
The grocery
The Magician
Rounding up stray rabbits.
The VW bus/street vendor - her favorite word is "Groovy!"
Helping out at the party store.
Creating a tag for Pep's collar...maybe it really ought to say "PEP", instead!
Pep's gift is engraved and ready to go.
Bringing ingredients to the cake-baker.
Getting ready to decorate a birthday cake.
All done - Hope Pep doesn't mind that we spelled his name wrong!
This is what the menu looks like in this game.
Putt-Putt recalls how he found Pep - look how much the graphics of Putt-Putt games changed over the years.
A scene from the "You're Invited" song
Another scene from the song
The name tag can also be much more colorful - yippie, rainbow gadgets for dogs! ;)
Pep wakes up to see the surprise party...
As usual, some photos in the ending sequence...