Putt-Putt Travels Through Time Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Putt-Putt bribes his dog Pep with a doggie treat.
On the way to visit Putt-Putt's friend Mr. Firebird.
Mr. Firebird tells Putt-Putt about his Time Portal machine.
Pep and Putt-Putt's homework are swirled away through the Time Portal.
Four windows into time - where could Pep be?
In the Age of Dinosaurs, Putt-Putt helps a wheel build a bridge.
A Jurassic variation on the slide puzzle
Putt-Putt enters an old western town.
Employment opportunity
Putt-Putt can spend his hard-earned nickel here.
Entering medieval times.
Interrupting a busy blacksmith.
The King reads from a joke book: Where does a king keep his armies? Up his sleevies, of course!
Pep! Putt-Putt must find a way to rescue him...
Entering the city of the future.
Playing a squash video game.
Please do feed the bears...
Elektra's busy shop, with a free balloon-maker for Putt-Putt.
Trading one old food-holding artifact for another - Putt-Putt's lost lunchbox.
The future city library has an e-book about Pajama Sam!
The colored volcano "Simon Says"-type minigame
After having judged this game boring, I actually came to like it more when I paid attention to its extended color-changing feature.
Putt-Putt can get a paint job with the usual colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - but each one of them comes in three shades! This gives him a total of 18 hues!
(Dark red) Putt-Putt in the medieval courtyard
However, this color-changing feature could have been done more boldly - especially in the area of greens and blues the differences between bright, medium and dark shades aren't too big.
At the library - in this short "tale" both Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish appear as cameos! Look at the images on the T-shirts.
You can play another minigame - the best one - but first you have to figure out your way through the teleports...
The squash minigame with a little scenery from "Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon"
Putt-Putt is getting another paint job - this time it's bright red.
Taking a train ride to find the final missing object...
At last - Putt-Putt is back to school and can present his work.