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Puzzle Bots (Windows)

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Developed by
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Puzzle Bots Credits


Original Game DesignErin Robinson
Lead ProducerDavid L. Gilbert
Character Animation (Humans)Erin Robinson
Character Animation (Robots)Roberto Gracia
Verb and Inventory IconsCraig Forrester
Background PaintingJohn Green
MusicChris Moorson
Robot SpeechSteve Poulton
Lead ProgrammerDavid L. Gilbert
Robot Behavior ProgrammingJanet Gilbert
Additional ProgrammingJanet Gilbert, Vincent Wesselmann
Game EngineChris Jones
Credits Module ByAndrew MacCormack
Queued Speech Module ByMonkey_05_06
Poster Art ByHeriberto Valles
Voice CastAbe Goldfarb (Zander / Mr. Keen), David L. Gilbert, Daryl Lathon (Theo), Shelly Smith-Shenoy (Yuriko / Lizzie), Francisco Gonzalez (Viktor), Rebecca Whittaker (Astrid)
Bonus Robot ArtHeriberto Valles (Hero), Harvey James (Ultrabot), Kevin Merritt (Kelvin), David Hellman (Ibi), Jess Fink (Bomchelle)
Beta TestersDylan Downing, Shane Stevens, Andrew MacCormack, Matt Gardner, Francisco Gonzalez, Edmundo Ruiz, Thomas Regin, Ryan Keepence, Gary Chisholm, Karen Petersen, Steven Poulton, Ben Chandler, Cyriac Benoit, Simon Law, Ori Avtalion, Alex MacQueen, Edward Dinovo, Igor Hardy, Martin Mulrooney, Lou Huang, Rikard Nordgren, Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen, Michelle Destefano, Matthias Schneider, Erica Kendrick, Katie Hazen, Marshika Szabo, Ilona Peters, Chelle Snail, Stee, Jackie, nabeel, Vincenzo Lettera, Xayla, Craig Pirrall, Vincent Wesselmann
Special Thanks ToBrandon Van Slyke, Dylan Downing, Julia Detar, Sande Chen, Sara Gilbert, Eric Gilbert, NYC IGDA, Matt Hawkins, Quick Thinking Improv, Abe Goldfarb, Shane Stevens, Thomas Regin, Roberto Gracia, Jeff Roberts, Coffee

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16624)