Puzzle City Credits (Windows)

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Puzzle City Credits

TechFront is

Senior ProducerRafael Aguilher da Costa
Co‑ProducerAdriano P. Pereira, Cesar Augusto Barbado
Game DesignerRafael L. Lagos
Programming TeamJohn Cesar Campagnaro, Rafael Eduardo Gonchor
Art TeamFrank Maciel, Glauco Blum, Homero Meyer, Isaac H. B. Santos, Márcio Turini, Mauricio Valle, Raphael Martins, Sander S. Nonaka, Victor C. Saito Kai
Sound & Music DirectionHerlygenes A. Pinto
Musician Special GuestsDécio Caetano (on electric guitar), Edu on bass
Game TesterGabriel Steinkirch

eGames is

Vice President, DevelopmentLars Fuhrken-Batista
Senior Production ManagerDavid Mercer
Original Game ConceptDavid Mercer
ProducerKevin Bonner
Lead DesignerKim Branson
Vice President, Sales & MarketingRichard Siporin
Sales & Marketing ManagerCindy Yeagle
Product ManagerGreg Zesinger
Testing and Customer Service SpecialistNicholas Sciarra
Web ProducerRyan McKeown
Special Thanks toSusan Boudreau (Associate Counsel), Kristin Simko (Contract Coordinator), Jerry Klein, Thomas W. Murphy, Art Rountree, Ilana Zdorovyak, Gene Mauro, Tom Parente, Ellen Pulver Flatt

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