Puzzle City Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Selecting the game mode.
This is Mz. Towers, your new boss.
The stage selection screen
A closer view to Rocky Ridge. Selecting the first level, Startersville.
Mz. Towers presents my goals.
Biff's here to help me in my new job.
Weird UFOs will cross the sky. I'm not sure what they are about.
Whenever you select a block in a color already built in the city, all blocks in that color will be highlighted.
Building 2x2 blocks will grant you bonuses.
Level completed!
There's more of SimCity here than you'd expect.
Here's Biff giving you a tip on how to use power ups. That green area on the map must be built with residential blocks.
Here's the slug power-up, which makes the conveyor belt run slow. It is needed in cases like this, when the city is already crowded and big pieces come in your way.
Using the spray to change the blocks' colors.
Oh oh, couldn't make it this time.
In the last level of this stage, you're introduced to special blocks. They're used to construct special buildings and can only be placed in their highlighted area.
And here it is, my special tower!
Throwing away a block in the trash can.
Onto the next stage, Desert Sands.
Taking a closer look. Again, 8 more levels in this stage.
Things are clearly getting harder.