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Puzzlegeddon (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Puzzlegeddon Credits


ProducerJohan Hellberg
Game DirectorCalle Kyhlberg
Game DesignerMårten Brüggemann
Art DirectorRikard Ryberg
ArtistsEmil Berner, Erik Feiril, Niklas Malmborg
Programming DirectorDaniel Andersson
ProgrammingPeter Billander
Additional ProgrammingRichard Svensson, Pernilla Akterhall
Sound & Music ComposerMårten Brüggemann
Additional Sound EffectsPatrik Persson
Special ThanksDaniel Johansson, Stefan Enberg, Lisa Lenkel, Petter Thomee, Daniel Lundwall, Per-Arne Lundberg, Martin Runfors, The Testing Team, Simon Martin, Javier García Furió, Carlos J. Rodríguez Murray, Francisco González Carrión, Antti Ahokas, GSP Inkubator, Innovationsbron, University of Skövde
Thanks ForPlaying Puzzlegeddon

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