Written by  :  null-geodesic (243)
Written on  :  Aug 06, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars

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Meh. The Best is the Enemy of the Good.

The Good

See below.

The Bad

See below.

The Bottom Line

I'm not going to review the game by spending as much effort as the other reviewers. I'm too busy for that and my time is worth too much money. Instead I'll give an alternate way of looking at the game.

The complains seem to fall under two categories:

1. The game is not innovative.
2. There is little to no plot.

Moving forward with complaint #2, I have to say that this game had more of a plot than just about any FPS I've ever played. You actually have a series of tasks and objectives that make sense in the context of a war. There's even a little bit of character development. Not just plot... I'm talking character development, a whole different ball of wax from plot (I'm sure the distinction will go over the head of the stupid).

It's still a FPS, so don't expect gobs of plot and character development, but it's there. It's no Half-Life 2, but then again, no other game is Half-Life 2 (except for Half-Life 2).

Now for complaint #1: the game is not innovative. True. But why exactly does every game have to be innovative? Why can't a game just be a game? Why do we have to push the envelope each and every time?

Is the game the most interesting game in the world? Probably not. But again, why does it have to be?

Does a game have to be stellar in order to be simply good?

Frankly, I kind of liked this game.