Quake III: Arena Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Part of the introduction sequence
That hurts for sure
Main menu
Trying to kill someone who's possesing quad damage is suicide most of the time.
Come come. I'll frag ya. Well, hope so.
Lucy's history now thanks to my lightning gun.
Hmmm. I must have died here.
A CTF-map..
easter egg
Camping, the easiest (but also kinda boring) way to gain frags..
You can run, but you can't hide!
I'm throwing some grenades at Visor.
There's the "Quad Damage" power-up. Make sure you're the first to pick it up.
You see what happens when you're just standing there, waiting for that platform.
A foggy arena with low visibility.
I hope I don't fall into the void.
These jumping opponents are easy targets.
No one likes campers, you'd better remember that!
Looking at the artwork on the arena wall.
You guys like to swim, eh? Come on, let's shoot each other!
I was a little bit too close to the explosion.
Choosing the rocket launcher to finish Slash off.
This is an arena with jump pads, where you can jump from one platform to another.
Swimming through a duct
There is the BFG10K, the most powerful weapon in the game.
Take this!
The three best fighters on the podium
Choose your fight.
Also it looks otherwise, I did hit Anarki here.
Standing in the regenerator while fighting Angel.
Plasma incoming!
Killing Doom with some hot plasma.
Projected Shadows are available in Quake 3, but they are disabled by default. You have to enter a console command in order to enable Shadows in game.
Third Person mode is also available in Quake 3, and you also have to enter a console command to enable this feature in game.
Fresh meat. Yummy
Bot-match - always fun!
Shells from the shotgun - id Tech 3 engine is pretty nice.