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id software has done it again.... ThE oNe (178) unrated

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.7

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Fragland.net (Sep 18, 2002)
In conclusion I can just say this : The only sad thing about Team Arena is that you need to buy Quake 3:Arena because TA is a game on itself. Well done ID Software, and you defenitely deserve the highest score we've EVER given a game yet.
Quake III: Team Arena is a great add-on for fans of the Quake series and multiplayer mayhem. This is a must have for the frag fanatic.
ComputerGamers.com (Mar 05, 2001)
Fast overview: While Quake 3 Team Arena (Q3TA) was not a big enough add-on to completely satisfy me, it is big enough to keep me playing and wanting more.
GameSpy (Dec 15, 2000)
In Quake III Arena, id Software set out to make the definitive deathmatch game, nothing more. Having achieved that, id then set out to make the best teamplay experience they could make. Team Arena can indeed be said to be a finished version of Quake III Arena -- now fans can have both the ultimate deathmatch experience and the ultimate teamplay experience.
GameZone (Dec 22, 2000)
Overall, Quake III Team Arena is faster paced than Q3 Arena. The arenas themselves are more diverse and entertaining, while the overall graphical quality of the program may slightly exceed Q3 Arena. The program is incredibly challenging and pulls you quickly into the thrill zone. If you don’t mind all the graphical depictions of the number of ways a body can be blown into bits, then you may enjoy the entertainment value of this program.
Gamezilla (Apr 17, 2001)
Here's my bottom line: as an add-on pack, Team Arena rocks. It adds everything I wanted to see in Quake III Arena, but wasn't actually there. Team Arena can be played by the newest gamer, and the small enhancements it adds to Quake III's interface are worth it. Adding some of the gameplay styles that you'd normally look for in a heavily multiplayer game, it brings Quake III in line with what you'd expect from a team like id Software.
Gaming Age (Jan 04, 2001)
Quake 3: Team Arena never gives the pretension as being an innovative product. It's not going to amaze you with its variety of gameplay. What Quake 3: Team Arena does do is provide the perfect expansion for Quake 3 Arena-a solid, bugfree, well-polished teamplay addition that complements the superb deathmatch of the game extremely well. Quake 3: Team Arena is money well spent for fans of Quake 3 Arena who are looking for good teamplay while still keeping within the Quake paradigm of fast action and intense combat.
Svenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2001)
Efter ungefär ett år i handeln får Quake III sin åtrådda uppföljare. Vid första anblicken ser det ut att vara mycket nytt men i grund och botten är det samma spel. Denna vända drivs det av en förbättrad version av QIII-motorn och innehåller ett parti nya vapen. Till innovationerna hör också förbättrad grafik och ljud och en del nya banor. Det finns tre sprillans nya utomhusbanor som visar prov på beundransvärda realtidsskuggor men som alla PC-spelare vet; smakar det så kostar det.
Eindeutig hat man sich bei id Software zu lange auf den Lorbeeren ausgeruht. Den hineingepackten Spielspaß bekommen Sie nämlich auch in Form von kostenlosen MODs aus dem Netz. Natürlich basiert Team Arena auf einer exzellenten Grundlage - doch für ein Add-on sind mir die Neuerungen zu mager ausgefallen. Viele der neuen Level sind zu groß, die Nailgun hängt man schnell wieder an eines ihrer Projektile und der defensive Prox Launcher hat in einem solchen Spiel eigentlich nichts verloren. Auch ist die Anzahl der neuen Models schlicht ein Scherz. Die Waffen-Balance wurde ebenfalls nicht verbessert und die Hardware-Anforderungen (GeForce 2 läst grüßen) sind durch komplexere Level drastisch gestiegen. Letztlich ist Team Arena ein Produkt, das sich nur eingefleischte Fans kaufen sollten.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 12, 2003)
Quake 3 Team Arena hade varit komplett fantastiskt om det varit ett spel för sig själv i en värld utan Q3, men dessvärre är det "bara" ett expansionspaket. Spelet faller dock inte i kvalitet, men bara i betyg. Det är i teorin bara ännu en ny modifikation, men det skiljer sig uppenbart från resten av dessa genom att vara av en fullständigt överlägsen kvalitet. Om man är Quake-fan får man helt säkert något för pengarna, är man det inte så får man nästa överväga att bli! Ett stort minus är dock att man ska ha originalet för att köra spelet, så för icke-Quake-spelare blir det plötsligt en dubbel utgift. Ett annat minus är systemkraven som stigit jämför med originalet Q3: Om man vill köra Q3:TA i någorlunda hög upplösning och detaljgrad kan det vara nödvändigt med en uppgradering, särskilt med hänsyn till grafikkort. Kort och gott: Om man är Team-Multiplayer-fan, eller bara Quake-fan, är detta spel bästa möjliga just nu. Uppgraderingarna kan du alltid bekymra dig om senare
Jeuxvideo.com (Jan 17, 2001)
Une extension au bilan mitigé en raison des nouveautés qu'elle apporte et qui tiennent de la timidité. Certes, Team Arena ce sont de nouveaux modes, de nouvelles cartes, de nouvelles skins, mais les « Fragueurs » en veulent toujours plus, même si ce titre trouvera de nombreux acquéreurs.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2001)
Bijna alle vernieuwingen die deze uitbreiding brengt, zijn al lang beschikbaar op het internet via gratis mods.
ActionTrip (Jan 04, 2001)
All this, makes Team Arena a true tribute to the CTF mode of play, and it separates it from some of the low quality mod work you can download on the net. This is a great mainstream product, both for the casual and hardcore CTF players. Why id didn't include it in Quake 3: Arena is another matter. It is also the best CTF add-on pack out there, which means cash-spending time if you're a consumer looking to play the best games for a specific type of online gameplay that money can buy. That alone is I think enough for every CTF fan to buy this add-on. But if you are jaded with the same old, same old and are looking for something new in online action gaming I advise you to save your money, because you won't find any new modes of play in Quake 3: Team Arena. It's simply a kickass CTF pack. So, deal with it!
Ondanks het gering aantal power-ups, nieuwe wapens en nieuwe teamplay-modes slaagt Team Arena erin gamers tot totaal nieuwe strategieën aan te zetten.
Gamer's Pulse (Jan 31, 2001)
This was a damn hard game to attempt to review. No, it’s not a hard game to play nor was it buggy or crash prone. It was hard because compared to another FPS out there, it just didn’t cut it. At the same time it is a stellar effort and for fans of the series it is worth the ducats. So there you have it, I didn’t like it but it wasn’t a bad game - what is a reviewer to do?
Power Unlimited (Mar, 2001)
Het was naar de hondstrouwe, hardwerkende QIIITA community toe wel zo netjes geweest om de officiële add-on gratis te posten. In dit licht bekeken is een 7,7 misschien nog wel te hoog.
GameSpot (Dec 21, 2000)
Quake III: Team Arena may seem unimpressive at first, since it superficially resembles nothing so much as a Quake III mod - and its bland character models, lousy voice acting, and its relatively small number of brand-new maps may do little to improve such a first impression. Yet though its new features may not seem remarkable individually, when put together they comprise a number of interesting new strategies and also let experienced players organize team-based games based on those strategies. Team Arena is an extremely focused expansion that may not add a great deal of obvious breadth to multiplayer team games, but it does add a good amount of depth and will subsequently make such game sessions that much more enjoyable to fans of Quake III's multiplayer component.
Jeśli ktoś Q3 nie lubi, to TEAM ARENA nie powali go na kolana. Fanów nie muszę przekonywać - oni fragują już co najmniej od końca grudnia. Dla mnie jest to naprawdę dobra gra, może nie rewolucyjna i nie wnosi wiele nowego do gatunku, ale z całą pewnością należy do ścisłej czołówki.
I had a little fun playing Team Arena, but I don't think it was because of the three new weapons, new toys, or four new playmodes. I think it was simply because I haven't bothered to play Quake III in a long time and had forgotten the simple, gritty appeal that it has. While I still assert Quake III is inferior to Unreal and Team Fortress, it remains fun for its own style of play. Team Arena is probably something the diehards will want to get just for the three new guns alone, but I don't think this expansion pack will serve to renew interest for people who have already turned their backs on Quake III in favor of a more sophisticated game. Let's face it, Team Fortress makes it looks silly now and TF2 is right around the corner. Unless you're a regular in a Quake clan, I wouldn't bother with this one.
There is a grassroots group of idiots who claim that id should have given Team Arena away for free. The idea is patently absurd, of course—a lot of money and work goes into producing games, and id is not a non-profit organization. They might have helped foster a better reception with their fans, however, if Team Arena felt more like a game (or at least an add-on), and less like a random collection of maps and features.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 01, 2001)
Team Arena is something of a mixed bag. The graphics are great but come at a high cost, the new weapons and items are amusing but encourage random kills, and the maps are stunning but far too big for the number of people playing the game at the moment. As the single player mode is such a dead loss it's hard to recommend Team Arena until more people are playing it online, which is something of a Catch 22 situation.
PC Gamer (2000)
But are all of these extras worth $30? That's a tough call. It's no secret that a lot of Quake fans are peeved at id's decision to make this add-on a retail product rather than a freebie download. (Sierra/Valve continues to offer better add-ons for free download.) And considering the plethora of professional-quality maps, player models, and gameplay mods currently online, this particular collection is pretty underwhelming. If you have access to the Internet and some time to spend downloading from PlanetQuake, you can do a lot better than Team Arena.
Team Arena is a decent expansion that is more notable for its graphical sheen, elegant interface and Classic CTF maps than something more innovative. Although fun with the right group of people, the expansion adds nothing to its genre. Further, the value of the new game modes is debatable given how all the traditional squad-based tactics crumble in the whirlwind rush to grab goodies located in the center of the map. Those who want to compete in beautiful new Classic CTF levels designed at the hands of some of the best professional map designers in the business will want to grab the add-on. However, novices who want to get their feet wet in team-based competition without hopping online and getting slaughtered might want to grab Unreal Tournament, which contains better A.I. and interesting new modes.
Gamekult (Jan 05, 2001)
Quake III Team Arena est au final plutôt décevant. Des cartes (et des extérieurs) à la mesure de la machine nécessaire pour en profiter, trois modes de jeu dont un seul est vraiment convaincant, des bots toujours aussi crétins et peu d'innovations proprement dites, mis à part la refonte de l'interface très réussie. Les fans de teamplay (et donc ceux de Capture The Flag) s'y retrouveront sans aucun doute. Les autres donneront peu de crédit à des fonctionnalités qui auraient déjà du être là il y a un an et qui possèdent des équivalents en mods. Pour 199F (on a besoin de Quake III Arena, en plus)... on a le droit d'être difficile.
QUAKE III TEAM ARENA is not a bad game. Its lightning-fast. brutal action is undeniably fun, but much of that fun is a testament in the rewards and dramatic tension inherent in a team game like CTF. There’s no escaping the feeling that id was willing to go just so far to quell the critics, stubbornly clinging to certain conventions because that’s the way it’s always done things — how else to explain the refusal to implement a user-friendly map cycling menu? Stopping well short of the sort of groundbreaking stuff gamers have come to expect from id. QUAKE III TEAM ARENA has the feel of a job half-done because, well, that should be good enough. Has action gaming’s most important development company decided to stop revolutionizing gaming? God. I hope not.
For Team Arena, the folks at id Software look to catch up to Unreal in that regard and to a degree, they do. The four new play modes and many other additional goodies are all team based, and the weapons have received a minor overhaul. While it's an improvement over the original, Team Arena is essentially a decent mod but it's nothing that can't be found for free.
With Rocket Arena 3, Team Reaction's Jailbreak and Prisoners of War modifications already available, there isn't much point in Quake III: Team Arena. While the power-ups are well done and Harvester and One Flag CTF are a lot of fun, this expansion pack will more than likely collect dust instead of frags.
Quake 3 Team Arena est une extension de Quake 3 Arena orientée vers le multijoueur. L'essentiel de cet extension est l'ajout de nouveaux niveaux. Il n'y a pas de réelles innovations à attendre, juste quelques ajouts qui devraient néanmoins réjouir les fans même si l'on pouvait attendre plus de cette première extension officielle alors que les créations personnelles pullulent sur le Web.
This game doesn’t even deserve to be in the same genre with the likes of Counter-Strike or even Team Fortress. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the draw? Definitely not with TA. Getting fragged every 45 seconds might be some people’s idea of a good time – but it shouldn’t be. You want an FPS you can sink your teeth into? I think you know where this is headed. Counter-Strike, me droogs. Play that for five minutes and you’ll never want to partake in crap like this again.