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Q.U.B.E. Credits


Lead DevelopmentDaniel Da Rocha, Dave Hall, Jonathan Savery
Level DesignAlexandre Senadji
Concept ArtCodey Dyer, Harry Corr
3D AssetsCodey Dyer, Harry Corr
AnimationCodey Dyer, Harry Corr
Sound DesignFelix Zirwes
ImplementationFelix Zirwes
Sound FXBen Chandler, Ben Milnes, Craig Harbour, Ina Bilsel, Steve Dunne
MusicBen Chandler, Ben Milnes, Craig Harbour, Ina Bilsel, Steve Dunne
Graphic DesignHenry John Hoffman, Iain Acton, Jamie Marshall
Web DesignHenry John Hoffman, Iain Acton, Jamie Marshall
UI DesignHenry John Hoffman, Iain Acton, Jamie Marshall
External ProgrammersDigital Confectioners, James Tan, Tristan Truchot, Zachary Carter
Play TestersAdam Curtis, Aled Rhys Hughes, Ally Hall, Alex Cannon, Andy Nguyen, Andy Springford, Carl Jones, Caroline Turner-Goud, Chris Franklin (G-Boy), Connor Knapton, Craig Manley, Daemon Mark, Dan Fowler, Daniel Parsons, Daryl Manley, Dave Chapman, Dave Bellringer, David Prior, David Treharne, Eric Murray, Emily Flynn-Jones, Francis Roddy, Gareth Jones, Gene Da Rocha, Ian McMichael, James Davies, Janine Doporto, Joey Richards, Jonathan Roche, Jonny Sephton, Karl Livesey, Kate Killick, Kyle Allbright, Lloyd Hawthorne, Liam Jones, Lucy Evans, Mark Turney, Matt Cooper, Matt Duncan, Nick Roberts, Nick Secker, Ollie Elliot (Ogri), Peter Brain, Peter Harries, Rhys Thomas, Rich Lott, Robert Alex Williams, Robert Thorpe, Sam Coleman, Simon Burdall, Simon Millbourn, Stephanie Jones, Steve Ball, Thomas Hills (Scrub), Thomas Barnes (Triple T), Troy Rich, Wendy K, Zack Loreland, And anyone who hasn't been mentioned
Special ThanksAdam Da Rocha, Alexander Bruce, Alisidair Mcinnes, Chris Da Rocha, Epic Games, Emily Love, Guy Tabra, IndieDB Community, Joshua Weatherford, Mike Howard, Other Fellow Indies, Peter Morrish, Robert Francis, Samuel Justice, Samuel Mottershaw, Scott Reismanis, Scott Wilson, Valve
Indie FundAaron Isaksen, Jonathan Blow, Kellee Santiago, Kyle Gabler, Matthew Wegner, Nathan Vella, Ron Carmel
University of Wales, NewportCharles Rawlins, Corrado Morgana, David Surman, Barry Atkins (Dr.), Mike Reddy (Dr.), James Manning, Richard Hurford
A very special thanks toour family and friends who supported us all the way through development
Thanks toeveryone who took part on the project - we couldn't have done it without you
In memory ofChristine Hall

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505776)