Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Credits


Original Game bySierra On‑Line
Written & Designed byLori Ann Cole, Corey Cole
Backgrounds and AnimationsChristopher T. Warren, Britney K. Brimhall, John-Paul Selwood, Emily Selwood, Jack Schaedler, Anthony Hahn
ProgrammingStijn van Empel, Christopher T. Warren, Adam Senn
Dialogue PicturesBritney K. Brimhall, Christopher T. Warren, Johan Botes, Michael Freeman
Dialogue and Alley SystemsAdam Senn
Combat SystemStijn van Empel
AGS Game EngineChris Jones
Music byMark Seibert, Christopher Braymen
Conversion and New ThemesTom Lewandowski

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (49062)