Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Hero Screen
Katta Trader
Entrance into the city of Shapier
Newly bought map allowing quick transportation
Welcome to the WIT!
Watching a mysterious Persian dance!
Fighting in the night.
Taking final examinations in the school for mages.
Playing a game of magic with a gnome.
The king of the mountain.
Signor Ferrari is not exactly a man of the people.
Encounter with Rasier's guardfolk.
A damsel in distress. How can a hero say "no"?
The Adventurers' Guild - even as an EGA graphics lover I'll say that this is one of the places which have undergone a lot of improvement.
The apothecary
The streets of Shapeir have also undergone a lot of improvement and are now much more varied. Still, you can't buy anything from these extra merchants.
Aziza the Enchantress
The Moneychanger at night. However, for me night sceneries are an EGA thing. In VGA places lose a lot of color and detail at night - maybe it's realistic, but not so lush...
This happens if you don't defeat the Fire Elemental on time. However, it's a wasted opportunity - VGA offered a possibility to make these fail screens more varied, but they remain very similar.
Another very much improved place - Issur's shop.
A secret only introduced in this VGA remake - the saurus repair shop.
Morning and evening time bars look the best - and just look, "the day is dawning" and Katta merchants are already out with their stands.
A very nice change: you don't sleep or rest in your room automatically, you can also take a look and buy some items to decorate it - even though the Hero will soon be leaving for Tarna...
The Eternal Order of Fighters - wait for my Wizard and Thief screenshots too! :)
The seedy Blue Parrot Inn in Raseir
Meeting Ad Avis
At the entrance to the Forbidden City
This place was already very interesting in the original. Now it's quite similar and yet different because VGA allows orange hues - something quite missing in EGA.
Stopping the summoning ritual