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Written by  :  Xackery (34)
Written on  :  Mar 30, 2009
Rating  :  3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars

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MMORPG for the Single Player-Minded Gamer

The Good

Ragnarok Online is a fun Massive Multiplayer Online Game for what I call "weekend playing". This is where you are able to play at leisure with no serious obligations to be on. It has many features that encourage you to build your character to the way you want it, though I do recommend checking out some builds before jumping in to ensure you don't go TOO crazy with your status distribution. The game's interface is easy to learn, with a simple click-and-go attack system combined with a F-key spell combination.

When you get towards the end of the game, you are allowed to experience the PvP content along with MvP (Most Valuable Player) bosses which give rewards of the largest degree. You do have the ability to play with friends, which is obviously ideal in the later end PvP, but honestly the game supports single player minded builds in almost every occasion due to the speed of killing.

There is a release of a FREE server (The Valkyrie Server) on the International Ragnarok Online (also known as the US servers), however the rate of experience may be a little dragging. There are less legally condoned practices of Private Servers available, their key feature is they usually modify the rate of experience you gain so you don't have to play as much to gain the experience necessary to achieve the end game.

The Bad

Storyline and character personalities do not develop too well, which I suppose you could expect from an MMOG, Quest system is nearly non-existent too. The rarity of drops and level up speed can be a bit slow on official servers. Many game interface features will likely annoy you, such as the chat "buffer" (how much you can type per message) being too small due to being a Korean game, or that you cannot customize hot keys.

The Bottom Line

This game delivers with a great variety of playable characters and can be played with friends or solo.

This game offers a great way to spend extra time where you just want to progress without getting too seriously into a game, especially while playing for free. The War of Emperium is a Guild vs. Guild castle siege which results in unique treasure for victors of the war. The system requirements are low, so even those of you who do not have gaming machines may find this game will run on your computer.