Written by  :  James Walter (284)
Written on  :  Sep 20, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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An excellent sequel to an excellent game

The Good

The original idea of Railroad Tycoon has been kept the same. The idea is still to build a large and profitable railroad. Another good idea in this game is the addition of what are known as "Campaigns". In each of these campaigns you are placed on a map where you must complete a specific task within a time limit e.g connect the east and west coasts of America by the year 1890. I think these give you a lot to do and can complete you occupied for a long time (I've owned the game for nearly 2 years and I still haven't completed half of them) Also the in game has been improved as have the graphics. You now play on an isometric world and not a top-down view like in the original. Another improvement is the addition of a landscape editor which allows you to create your own landscapes to play on later. You are able to place everything from cities to industries to rivers.

The Bad

I feel the trains could have looked better. Many of them look fairly similar and even on the highest zoom level I found I could really see much detail on the locomotives. The addition of water, sand and oil stops. On long runs your engine may run out of either of these and find that it begins moving at about 5mph. If you have a railroad crossing a large area it can take a long time for it to fill up and get up to a reasonable speed again.

The Bottom Line

Railroad Tycoon 2 is an excellent game and a great sequel to the original. Better looking engines good have made the game even better. But overall, it is an excellent effort.