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Rally Championship Xtreme (Windows)

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Rally Championship Xtreme Credits

Published by Actualize

Concept and Project DirectionMeach Meakin, Andy Wood
Vehicle Licencing FacilitatorJohn Horton (Motorsport Management)
International and OEM SalesBecky Walker
Publishing ConsultantsOldham Associates
Line ProducerLee Clare

Developed by Warthog

ProducerPaul Johnson
ProgrammingMorten Brenna, Paul A. Hodgson, David Mann, David Gautrey, Tim Lowe, Paul Hughes, Are Sjulsen, Chris Green, Oli Wright
ArtworkIvan Horn, Christopher Morehen, Chris Gaskell, John Darlington, Andrew Clark, Michael P. Cottam, Tom Seymour, Marcus Tanner, Nick Elms, Simon Harris, Darren Vaile, Steven Millership, Nolan Worthington, Gary Switzer, Merlyn Lear, Sam Donohoe, Jonny Duddle, Fredrik Alfredsson, Martin Noriander, Nils Bjarke, Dennis Gustafsson, Alex Hartley, Radek Jakubiak, Ronnie Nilsson, Nicholas Nilsson, Michael Nilsson, Kim Olsen, Mattias Tullgren, Andrew Wan, Harold Withers, Vida Omidvar-Tehrani, Dean Burns, Beverley Bright, Carl Dalton
AudioDean Evans, John Spencer
Intro FMVJohn Lomax, Roy Fielding
DesignersAndy Santos, Will Whitehead, Hal Sandbach
Additional UI DesignPaul Chapman
ScriptingWill Whitehead, Possum Bourne, Kerrie Flaus
Voice OversMarcus Dodd, Kerrie Flaus
MusicCyber‑Tec Soundtracks, Pete Williams (Level One Studios)
Quality AssuranceTimothy Welch, John Ratcliffe, Raz, Neil Smith
Rally DriversGeoff Jones, Simon Redhead, Marcus Dodd
Rally ConsultantsJuststuf, Kerrie Flaus, Lance Baber
Special Thanks toØyvind Cornelius Brenna, Diane, Reece, Lee, SEAT S.A., SEAT Sport, Katy Lynn, Lady, Rachael, Jennifer, Andrew, Joanne, Megan, Suzanne, Sarah Tuck

Ubi Soft Entertainment

MarketingThomas Petersen, Delphine Delesalle, Sébastien Pavia, Sandra Baudois, Stéphane Catherine, Vanessa Leclerc, Michiel Verheijdt, Nicole Hechler
LocalisationCoralie Martin, Loïc Jacolin

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