Written by  :  Grov (667)
Written on  :  Jan 07, 2002
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Old cars are cool, otherwise same old rally-gaming.

The Good

The developers has really focused on developing the cars. The result is very realistic handling and sounds. It's great to hear that Saab V4-engine revs up, a classic sound to all rally spectators that remember the old days. A fun thing is that these cars have either front- or rear-wheel drive. As all other rally games only features 4wd-vehicles, most players are up for a real challenge when driving a rear-wheel drive car for the first time. The handling is different for all cars and very realistic.

Because the cars are old, the game developers has been able to add some nice damage effects to the cars. Actually the nicest ones I've seen in a rally game.

The graphics are ok I guess, but are not special in any way. Just the kind of graphics you can expect from a rally game.

As I said, sounds are amazing. There are pictures on the rally trophy website, that shows the recording of the sounds. The pictures show a Ford Escort and a Mini cooper with microphones in the engine compartment, behind the exhaust pipe etc.

The Bad

Well, the championship option is the same crap as in all rally games. You must finish in the top 6 positions (why? please tell me why!) to continue to the next rally. You also have to finish first in some rallys to unlock some of the cars. All this is annoying, and the main reason why rally games has no replay value what so ever. Give us all the cars, all the tracks and a realistic rally championship option, please!

The Bottom Line

A rally game a bit more realistic and difficult than the others. Fans of classic rally cars will not be disappointed.