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Rapelay inspired the release of Botuplay, a separate game that features the same characters in vignettes that apparently didn't make it to the original. These scenes do not have much of an interactive feature; players are only able to speed up or slow down actions and move the camera. It isn't very long or deep, doesn't add any more to the story already established, and would more be accurately be described as an "add-on"

Contributed by lasttoblame (427) on Mar 23, 2009. -- edit trivia

There is violence in RapeLay, but only as part of the storyline that you cannot influence. As part of his plan to coerce the family of women into becoming his willing sex slaves, the "hero" punches them in the stomach (which is accompanied by the appropriate sound effect). However, at no time at all during the game-playable portions is the option available to strike or beat any of the women.

Contributed by lasttoblame (427) on Mar 23, 2009. -- edit trivia

Although the game was only released in Japan, in February 2009 Amazon pulled it from its UK marketplace after receiving complaints from users. That way the company prevents anyone from selling it second-hand through the site.

Contributed by Sciere (505904) on Feb 22, 2009. -- edit trivia