Rat Hunter Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The start of the game. My supervisor told me to clean the 'rats' out of this dingy basement.
And here they are! The mutated insects that are plaguing this city's good citizens!
A run-down apartment building
In addition to the rats, you'll have to deal with gang members who are living in the decaying buildings.
Part of the abandoned mall
Are fat people more prone to violence? In Rat Hunter, it certainly seems to be true.
Here we are at the old Laundromat, and the 'rats' are getting bigger.
One of the rare places where people can put their differences aside for a while and just relax. It's the 'Blue-eyed Fairy' bar. Yes, that's really what it's called.
Gasmasks are 'in' this season.
Should I? Shouldn't I? It does seem kinda mean to break up their conversation.
Uh-oh! Trouble at the Blue-eyed Fairy bar. Might be time to get out of here.
On my way to the factory
If you're like me, you'll stack some crates just for the fun of getting to places you're not really meant to be.
Riding through the desert. That red car is meant to be shooting at me, but instead it's running away (It's a bug).
Inside the factory
Another room in the factory. Big mysterious machines with overweight killers hiding behind them.
This is what happens when you take too much 'Rum'! It's like DOOM's berzerk pack but less cool, more temporary and harder on the eyes.
The welcome return of fast-loading rocket-launchers!
One of the freaky flashback images that your character experiences
When they're up close, some of the enemies will try to punch or kick you.
Inside a secret base, inside an asteroid
Corporation soldiers, earning their paycheck
No good can come from cybernetics.
More blood is spilled at the spaceport.
Rats in the mall
Dead bodies turn into a fine red mist.
That looks uncomfortable.