Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  Jun 13, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Rayman, Rayman, Rayman, & RAYMAN!!!

The Good

Fabulous, just fabulous, Rayman is really cute and nice, keeping you away from the really violent games of today, whatever anybody says, this game is not a "kiddie's game", the only thing it does is not get an M or T Rating, the levels are just beautiful, and after playing it shortly, I got addicted, I am now playing the GBA version as a Rom File with the VBA Emulator (oops, don't tell anybody!) Rayman, Rayman, and Rayman, great graphics, great gameplay, great everything!

The Bad

Nothing bad at all, not in the least, well, except the slight difficulty of the GBC/GBA version!

The Bottom Line

Rayman is a great game suitable for ages 3-80, and it is a good challenge for "unbeatable gamers" out there who have finished most of the newest FPS and adventure games.