RC Daredevil Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main screen, describing the Balloon Splat game
Settings screen
Meet your entry-level opponent
Taking off
Liftoff in the Balloon Splat stage, on my way to collect paint balloons
Plane stalled
The trees are revealed to be cardboard cutouts
Heading towards to splat target
Switch to the overhead view to know when you drop your payload
Menu screen showcasing the DogFight stage
Flying the fighter jet in a dogfight, heading for a BB powerup
Main menu screen showcasing the Air Race stage
Flying through hoops in downtown
It's not easy flying between tall buildings
Main menu screen showcasing Graboid level
Flying down the neighborhood street, collecting graboids; note the attention to detail in that the parking lot has handicap spots
Redeem your graboids for points by flying through the hoop
High score screen

Official Screenshots

  • RC Daredevil Screenshot
    From an archived eGames product page (2003)