Real War: Rogue States Credits

Real War Development Team (Rival Interactive Inc., Semi Logic Entertainments Inc.)

Executive Producer/DesignJim Omer
Lead Programmer/DesignKenneth Moore
ProgrammersJay Ryness, Jacob Moore, John Scaret Young, Tim Ryness, Joshua Smith
Art Production ManagersDan Broughton, Shawn A. Shimizu
Senior Artist and CinematicsJosh Suko
Lead ArtistJoseph Kelley
ArtistsJeff Hemenway, Chris Law, Mike Luke, Dena Natali, Lai Tran, Adrian Tysoe, Claudia Lyons Yerion, Robin Watts, John Adams
Art DirectorKevin M. Kutsch
Audio Director and Original MusicBill King
Technical AssistantsDarci Wilson, David Rowe
Quality Assurance/WebmasterOliver Guichard
Assistant Producer/CoordinatorKathy Ullah
TestersColby Scothern, Josh Moore, Adrienne VanDrimmelen, Solomon Jagwe
Project CoordinatorGlen Thomson
Key GripPeter A. Adams

Military Advisors

AdvisorsWinston Schmidt, Jim Dailey, T. Lindsey Moore (Dr.)

Special Thanks

VoiceR. Lee Ermey, Dean Williams, Eric Lancaster
ThanksAlex Shilovskiy, Kim Betush, Abdul Rahma, Mohammed Abbar
Script TranslationMahmoud Abbar

Simon & Schuster Interactive

President, PublisherGilles Dana
VP, Creative Director, Executive ProducerJeffrey Siegel
VP, Director of Marketing / Business DevelopmentPeter von Schlossberg
Business ManagerJohn Crowe
Director of Financial Planning & AnalysisJeff Hookey
Publicity DirectorPeter Binazeski
Art DirectorDavid S. Rheinhardt
Production ManagerMeng Meng Lim
Marketing Services ManagerEllen Goldberg
Sales and Marketing ManagerChristina Kuzma
ProducerBill Mooney
Online ManagerStephen Hughes, Dewanda Howard
Gameplay TesterJo-el Rainey
The Team at Simon & Schuster InteractiveMichael Wallis, Diane Strack, Kim Kindya, Robert Prinzo, Emmanuelle Saal

Absolute Quality

Project LeadFran Katsimpiris
Former Project LeadErik Melen
TestersNathan Briggs, Greg Sims, Toby Watkins, Joseph Tata, Geoff Ireton, Dan Gleason

Real War Manual

AuthorBill Mooney
Copy EditorFran Katsimpiris
Manual Design & LayoutRod Hernandez
Additional Thanks toAlienware, Kieran Mooney

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69214) and formercontrib (159657)