Really Big Sky Credits (Windows)

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Really Big Sky Credits


ConceptJames Whitehead
ArtJames Whitehead
ProgrammingJames Whitehead
DesignJames Whitehead
MusicJames Whitehead, Alex Sumesar-Rai (Mr Pineapple), Tom Engels, Mike Smith (MK-S),‑,, [email protected]‑
Enemy DesignCaroline Powrie
QACaroline Powrie, Alex Sumesar-Rai (Mr Pineapple), Tom Engels
NarrationAlex Sumesar-Rai (Mr Pineapple)
Special Thanks toAdam + Paul, Antman, Melcadrien, Ben Powrie (Eggs), Dave Brain, Tameside College, Clickteam, All our fans and supporters!, The guys at Eurogamer!, +Everyone we met at Eurogamer! :)
ContributorsMelcadrien, Smuggsy, Schmoogle Osukami, Dan, Kris, Paul, Pete, Sam, The Gremlin of
Fueled withMultimedia Fusion 2


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