Really Big Sky Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The simple introduction to the game
A bright main menu
Why would you look up the statistics if you haven't played a game yet?
The seed that generates the content for this session.
Firing a mighty big laser.
These enemies are fairly tough and they have a strong weapon.
Game mode selection
Select the three perks you would like to use.
That one just missed me.
A large windmill you need to swerve by.
Attacking an enemy directly.
Game Over
Gently moving past a vertical row of opponents.
What's going on? I have no idea.
A boss event
General game statistics
This is the part where you permanently upgrade the ship for the Classic mode.
Keep shooting to create a path.
Moving through a planet in drill mode and gathering some bonuses.
Approaching a boss
That one got me.
Creating a path through this laser.
Read up about the enemies in the Library
Move through the red laser shapes.
The retro game mode
My feeble bullets don't match those of my opponent.