Realm of the Mad God Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Overview of some of the best players this month, based on their fame rating.
The game has a quick tutorial that introduces the game mechanics.
The Nexus is always a busy place.
Some of the personal vault chests
Character overview screen
Watching the statistics of a bow in the vicinity of the game's shops
Fighting a quest boss and his minions with my wizard.
Some enemies just decide to run away.
Inside one of the special pirate caves
My priest is under attack from all sides
Game Over screen
My archer takes on a giant sand crab.
Visiting a graveyard
As my character is slain by this adult white dragon, the screen fades.
Overview of the classes. Not all of them have been unlocked here.
Larger bosses are often surrounded by lasers with various negative effects.
The boss of the Forbidden Jungle dungeon
Lots of spiders in the Spiders Den dungeon
The screen to buy in-game gold