The Realm Credits (Windows)

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The Realm Credits

Realm Team for Version 3.0

Executive ProducersKen Williams, Craig Alexander
ProducerMark Zechiel
Designer and System ArchitectStephen Nichols
Assistant Designer and ProgrammerJanus Anderson
Art DirectorLinda Lubken
Team ArtistsMike Cicchi, Deanna Yhalkee
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael D. Jones
Quality Assurance Team LeaderJon Meek
Quality AssuranceNathan Clark, Steve Deckert, James R. Gisler, Marsha McCarty, John Ratcliffe, James Romero, Bobby Steele, Douglas Wheeler
WriterLeslie Balfour
NPC DialogueNancy Grimsley
On Line CoordinatorPaula Shilling
CD Booklet LayoutLori Lucia
Web Page DesignDhabih Eng
Installer ProgrammingScott Howell

Prior Contributors to the Realm

Original ConceptDavid Slayback
Original Combat System DesignJohn Trauger
Art DesignerMarc Hudgins
MusicianDan Kehler
Team ArtistsTim Loucks, Daniel Peters
IllustratorsDaniel B. McMillan, Richard Morgan, Scott Multer
Additional ArtistsCheryl Cunney, Alberto Eufrasio, Kerri W. Kane, Ananda Linde, Jim Matson, Karin Nestor, Robin Phanco, Jason Piel, Mark MacKay, Scott Multer, Terry Robinson, Barry T. Smith, Chuck Suong, Lori Lucia
Additional ProgrammersDavid Artis, Sterling Butts, Michael Leo Chong, Ed Critchlow, Arjit De, Dan Foy, Victor Sadauskas, Larry Scott, Kerry Sergent, Bryan Waters
Quality AssurancePaul Trowe
Documentation EditorBeth Demetrescu
CD Booklet LayoutMike Sinkula


Special Thanks ToCraig Alexander, Leslie Balfour, Jerry Bowerman, Scott Lynch, Ken Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8520) and Spirestar (25)