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Realms of the Haunting (Windows)

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Although the later US release of ROTH allowed you to rebind some of the controls, the original UK release had no such facility, thus forcing the worst control layout I have ever encountered upon the hapless player.

Fortunately, components of the US release can be utilised so as to allow the UK version to benefit from this feature. All the details and necessary files can be obtained here:


Contributed by Shadowcat (124) on Feb 20, 2006. -- edit trivia

Ever wondered what the actors from "Realms" are doing now? I did, and so, a few months ago, I tried to trace them. (in addition to its superb plot, RotH has, in my opinion, the best acting I've ever encountered in any game). And so... what I could suggests that David Learner (Belial), a relatively popular actor already before "RotH", is still in his acting career, performing many theatrical roles. Emma Powell (Rebecca) acted in a couple of movies and seems to be involved in a US/UK theatrical production now. I couldn't find anything on David Tuomi (Adam), though... it would seem that he has nothing to do with games or acting nowadays.

Contributed by Jaromir Krol (262) on Dec 08, 2000. -- edit trivia

Realms of the Haunting actually uses a modified version of the 3D engine featured in Normality, another game by Gremlin Interactive. Some interesting lighting effects were added, as well as a combat element (since Normality was a purely adventure game).

Contributed by Alan Chan (3479) on Jun 03, 2000. -- edit trivia