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Advertising Blurbs

GT website:
    A first-person 3D sci-fi adventure designed exclusively for Intel MMX technology.

    The Lunar Free State has declared independence from the Earth. For a rebel Lunar Militiaman like you, that means strategic combat against the military might of the United Nations on treacherous moonscapes and space stations. Voice Recognition. A.I.-Controlled Reinforcements. Variable-Level Gravity. Radical Multi-player Technology. Extreme Resolution (up to 1280 x 1024). Goal-Based Missions. Soundtrack by Kranium. Rebel Moon Rising is a revolution in every sense of the word.


    · Voice Recognition Technology lets you talk directly to fellow rebels in multi-player squads.

    · Lunar combat assignments include infiltration, search and destroy, defense and rescue missions.

    · 3 multi-player modes: Combat, Squad and Capture the Flag.

    · The rebellion against the United Nations will lead you from the moon to a space station and ultimately, alien worlds.

    · Dynamic colored lighting model, 64,000 colors and incredibly hi-res graphics.

    · Variable level gravity and limited oxygen supply will challenge the most experienced lunar militiaman.

    Contributed by jean-louis (32138) on Jul 05, 2015.

Unknown Source:
    2069: After decades of futility, the United Nations has finally done what is was designed to do: establish peace on Planet Earth. At long last the centuries-old dream of a new world order is within reach... but fifty thousand lunar colonists aren't buying into the plan. And they need volunteers!

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425) on Mar 17, 2000.