Advertising Blurbs

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    You can fight in the first person perspective, you can fight from a third person perspective, either way you'll be fighting for your life.

    The Multiplayer: Combat evil forces alone and jump online and wreak havoc in an 8-player network deathmatch.

    The Vehicle: Command an amazingly agile rapid motion tank and morph into four different vehicle types... LAND, HOVER, AMPHIBIOUS, and SUBMERSIBLE.

    The Mission: Manipulate environments in order to progress through six treacherous mission based worlds.

    The Artillery: Tote 18 high powered weapons for mass destruction including... The Sonic Burst, Arc Sabre, Proximity Mines, High Intensity Lasers, Napalm, Tether Guided Nukes, and so much more.

    The Worlds: Experience High-Tech indoor and outdoor battlefields with... Altitude based fog, Depth based Haze, Lightning, Explosions, and Realistic Vehicle Damage.

    Contributed by ROFLBLAH (380) on Jun 23, 2000.