Red Baron II Credits (Windows)

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Red Baron II Credits

Manual Credits

ProducerNeil Haldar
DirectorSteven Hill
Historical SectionJohn Bruning Sr.
Tactical SectionJohn Bruning Sr.
Medals and Awards SectionNeal O'Connor, Jennifer Hawthorne
Gameplay SectionJennifer Hawthorne, Scott Rudi
Installation and SetupErika Erkkila
Quality Assurance and EditingLloyd Madden
Manual Editing and LayoutKevin Lamb (Wordworks Inc.)
Manual DesignEgil G. Gloersen
Computer ArtistsJarrett Jester, Ron Clayborn
Color IllustrationsRaymond Rimell
Special Thanks ToThe National Archives and Records Administration, The Congressional Medal of Honor Society - National Headquarters, The Oregon Air and Space Museum

German Localisation

LocalisationAntje Hink
TranslationArndt Grass
EditingAlbrecht Schreiber
Special Thanks ToDas Wehrgeschichtliche Museum in Rastatt for the technical advice

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