Remedy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The contents of Carol's suitcase
Exploring the house: the kitchen.
Katarina can tell you what happened to Conrad.
Conrad was last seen here.
Item discovered and added to the inventory.
Looking for clues in Conrad's apartment.
Pictures of a kidnapping
Inside a cellar
It takes a while to open Conrad's car.
Graveyard at the church
Inside the church
Use the lighter to search dark locations.
Locked up in the cellar: maybe there is an escape route here?
The inventory is shown near the top of the screen.
This man used to be married to Madeleine Grip.
Outside the Vivatech building
A book of Swedish psalms
Real-life adventure skills needed here!
A hidden letter
A peaceful scene
You can turn into four directions here.
The map used to travel to different locations.
Outside the Nanotech building
The eerie downtown location
An electronic tour guide for Norrköping
The docks
Carol has been tied up.
It's getting late at the docks.