Requiem: Avenging Angel (Windows)

Requiem: Avenging Angel Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The Realm of Chaos is where the game starts!..
A police patrol in one of the early stages
Ahh, what a lovely day... On such a day I just want... to climb over some machinery and infiltrate a tower guarded by maniacal policemen. And what's your vacation plan?..
Typical screenshot of the city New Damascus. Pigeons abound
From inside a building, you see a panorama of the city
Okay, security breach, I understand. But why immediately shoot? Can't we... you know... talk?
My favorite screenshot. This is an optional area with nothing but a photo of this cute baby. I don't know who he is...
NPC in a high-tech environment
Malachi is killed. The last thing he sees is his enemy's body and a weird screen...
Cutscene: Malachi picks Judith and carries her on his back to the rebel base
You know, I'm really not in a mood for horror movies now
Don't shoot me! Lots of those innocent guys around, be careful
Subway train with a monster behind that corner...
Typical firefight with innocent bystanders
This is Jonas, a good friend. Makes great Pina Colada, too
As a matter of fact, this is the best advice!
Boss battle. Switching to heavy weaponry after having cast a spell on that beastie
Underwater area with fishes, valves to turn, and everything else a FPS underwater area needs
Enemies drop health kits. They look pretty... big
Lots of Biblical references in this game...
Hehe... that's what I call "ambush"
Hotel corridor. Lonely lamp...
Tthe telescopic lens - a useful tool
You cast a Swarm of Locusts on the enemy! You reaffirm your knowledge of the Book of Exodus
Viewing your neatly arranged powers and weapons - somewhere halfway through the game
There are quite a few instances of "friendly" areas with non-hostile NPCs. However, they don't say (or do) much
No, there is no graphical error here. Looking at the beautiful art on the wall, you turn the enemy into SALT!.. But... he didn't even look back, did he?..
Nice corporate office building! Just the place to throw grenades, hehehe!..
Before the second third or so of the game is over, you fight Lilith - a really nasty boss. But look at the gorgeous setting!..
Got an even more powerful weapon - but the enemies become stronger, too...
A relatively friendly area with a subway entrance
You've cast Shockwave on this poor guy. Next time, kill your enemies quicker, dude...
One of the later levels in the game. You've found a strange-looking spaceship-lookalike. For some reason, you get angry and cast Brimstone on it
Late-level enemies. Casting Lightning
Uh-oh, now this boss means business... he has more than just a pretty apartment