Reservoir Dogs (Windows)

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Reservoir Dogs Credits

Eidos U.K.

Senior Executive ProducerSimon Prytherch
CEOJane Cavanagh
Commercial DirectorBill Ennis
Financial DirectorRob Murphy
Company SecretaryAnthony Price
Head of European PublishingScott Dodkins
Product Acquisition DirectorIan Livingstone
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
Development ManagerGrant Dean
Senior ProducerPeter Hickman
Assistant ProducerLuke Timms
Development SupportLouise Fisher
VP LicensingSimon Hewitt
Creative Development DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
DesignerPaul Wright
Head of Global BrandLarry Sparks
Brand DirectorFabien Rossini
Brand ManagerHelen Lawson
Head of Support ServicesFlavia Timiani-Dean
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
QA SupervisorDavid Isherwood
QA Lead TechniciansLawrence Day, Hugo Hirsh, William Wan
QA TechniciansRichard Abbott, Dominic Andoh, Sam Beard, Warren Becket, David Klein, Andrae McKenzie, Daniel Mills, Andrew Nicholas, Matthew Poon, Zesh Sadique
Mastering SupervisorJason Walker
Mastering EngineerRay Mullen
Senior Localisation ManagerMonica Dalla Valle
Localisation ManagerJan Büchner
Localisation QA SupervisorArnaud Messager
Lead Localisation QA TechniciansLaure Diet, Augusto D'Apuzzo
Localisation QA TechniciansCurri Barceló, Edwige Béchet, Arriana Pizzi, Laëtitia Wajnapel
Creative ManagerQuinton Luck
Senior DesignerJodie Brock
Web ManagerChristophe Taddei
Lead Online CreativeOlaf Siebert
Senior Online DesignerLeigh Kirwan
Junior Coder DesignerShane Auckland
Manual Support ServicesTom Waine
Manual WriterAlkis Alkiviades
Special ThanksA big thanks to all our European Marketing and Sales teams as well as our Finance Department who have done a wonderful job to make this game happen - your tremendous work is much appreciated

Volatile Games

Project ManagerDavid Manuel
Technical ManagerTony Povey
Creative ManagerIan Pestridge
Design ManagerNick Adams
Assistant Project ManagerVicky Page
Assistant Technical ManagerClaude Dareau
Assistant Creative ManagerDarren Nourish
Initial Pre‑Dev ManagerJon Cartwright
ProgrammersMatthew Hampton, Michael Higgs, Will Myles, Tim Page, Philip Palmer, Nathan Pritchard, Craig Rushforth, Johnny Trainor, Andrew Wallen, R. Fred Williams, Toby Jones
Concept ArtistStephen Baskerville
Character ArtistsNadine Mathias, Rob Price
Run & Gun ArtistsAuburn Hodgson, Sebastian Livall, Soo-Ling Lyle Tassell, Wayne Peters, Chris Southall, Chris Brooker
Lead Driving ArtistRupert Lewis Jones
Driving ArtistsMalcolm Burke, Mike Procter, Simon Reed
Lead AnimatorJason Tassell
AnimatorsPaul Gartland, Gerald Udogaranya, Peter Whiting, Alan Paul
Run & Gun DesignersBenjamin M. Fisher, Bob Hands, James Hargreaves, James A. Parker, Lauren Grindrod, Simon Smith
Lead Driving DesignerMark Digger
Driving DesignersDavid Fewtrell, Aron Tomlin
Lead Audio DesignerRob Blake
Audio DesignersTodd Baker, Chris Hockey
QA ManagerJoe Lenton
QADaniel Brock, Duncan Fewkes, Lee Roberts, Nick Scurr

Lionsgate Entertainment

Senior VP, Business & Legal AffairsJ. David Nonaka
EVP of MarketingAnne Parducci
Executive Director of MarketingChela Johnson
Written byMarc Canham, Richard Aitken, Edwin Scroggle
Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered byNimrod @ Nimrod Studios

Eidos U.S. Publishing

CEO & President, Eidos North AmericaWilliam Gardner
Executive Vice President of Sales & MarketingRobert Lindsey
Vice President of Legal & Business AffairsJames O'Riordan
Vice President of FinanceMalcolm Dunne
Director of MarketingMatt Gorman
Senior Product ManagerKevin Gill
Director of Public RelationsMichelle Seebach Curran
Senior Public Relations ManagerOonagh Morgan
Public Relations ManagerTali Fischer
Senior Public Relations SpecialistMatt Dalghren
Community SpecialistTony Perata
Events SpecialistAnnie Meltzer
National Sales ManagerJoseph Morici
Channel Marketing ManagerJanty Sumimoto
Channel Marketing Project ManagerDiane Eng
Channel Marketing CoordinatorRafal Dudziec
Sales & Marketing AnalystIlana Budanitsky
Director of Marketing CommunicationsStephanie Lipetzky
Web ProducerRoderick van Gelder
Web DesignerJohn Lerma
Media ManagerMichael Tran
Creative DirectorKarl Stewart
Creative Services Project ManagerEileen Buenviaje
Graphic DesignerJames Song
Operations ManagerGregory Wu
Publishing Support CoordinatorClint Waasted
Senior External ProducerNick Goldsworthy
Associate Manager of Product OperationsColby McCracken
QA ManagerMark Cartwright
Customer Service ManagerMark Cartwright
QA SupervisorAaron Safronoff
Lead QA TechniciansAaron Keillor, Joshua Pfeiffer
QA TechniciansDavid Bushee, Nicholas Lutz, Stephen Cavoretto, Nicholas Cooprider, Wilfredo Dimas, Mackenzie Hume
Special ThanksDanny Jiang, Kevin Witte, Joe Bruce, Joey Eustler, Rudy Hill, Sumer Thompson, Mike Schmitt, Jeff Green, Patrick Laciste, John Hayes, Hanshaw Ink & Image

Additional Credits

Michael Madsen's name, voice and likeness licensed byChoctaw Inc
Represented byVicki Roberts
Additional music tracks courtesy ofNimrod Productions

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