Resonance Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Introduction video that shows the attacks all over the world.
Tolstoy is woken by an annoying sound in his apartment.
Tolstoy talking to Anna on the metro.
During a conversation there are different options, but it is also possible to introduce new topics through the tabs near the top of the screen: inventory, short-term and long-term memory.
Winston does not feel very comfortable in this neighbourhood.
Raymond accesses his smartphone.
Raymond attempts to sway the receptionist.
Browsing someone's e-mail.
This is the screen where the initial four stories are selected. Only Anna's is left to complete here.
A sequence with Anna as a little child.
Anna pondering in her apartment.
The title screen when the four stories in the first chapter are completed.
Eddings in front of what's left of the laboratory.
Now that the two have met, the player can switch between them through the icons near the top of the screen.
Some animations are extremely impressive to run through the AGS engine.
Crawling through a vent
A complex puzzle that requires rewiring.
Inside the laboratory's main office
A device that scan anomalies based on temperature.
Inside the hospital
Anna feels as if she's chased.
Anna on top of the apartment block's roof
Eddings explains the Resonance concept by drawing in the sand.
Winston holds an intruder at bay.
The map to travel to different locations.
Inside the police administration
At a credit office
Overview of the achievements