Restaurant Empire Credits


Development Director, Lead DesignerTrevor Chan
Game/Interface DesignerAndy Grimbal
Lead ProgrammerEddy Chan
ProgrammersFung Chin Pang, Eugene Leung, Marco Yuen, Leo Chow, Dickens Au, Kenneth Mo
Technical DirectorGilbert Luis
Lead ArtistAnthony Ferrandiz
ArtistsChoi Sze Kit, Liang Kam Tong, Rick Liu, Lee Ka Tai, Jack Ip
AnimatorsMantin Lu, Nelson Tam
Lead Quality Assurance SpecialistMartin Leung
TestersFrancis Ng, Hillwins Lee, Hermann Lee, Ka Ho Lee, Rachel Shak
Beta Tester CoordinatorHillwins Lee (Lich)
Beta TestersWilliam B. Perkowsky, Anthony Ford, Shaun Lynch, Dieter Davis, Glenda Horvath, Michael Horvath, Sze Pei Ho (Firelight), John Scott (Maarek), Glen Grainger, Patricia Pen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200390) and formercontrib (159706)